Queues and more queues

Firstly let me state that I’m delighted with today’s 3 points and performance.
I am seriously less happy about what is going on behind the scenes in order to make supporting our club a pleasurable match day experience.
As a long time season ticket holder I bought tickets for my mate and his son to come along. Sadly they support Man Utd.
We arrived at twenty past 2 with the idea of collecting tickets and going for a couple of pints.The queue for collections was about 100m long whilst the queue for buying on the day was about 5m.
He waited with his lad and got into meet us just as we scored.
No money spent on beers for us or soft drinks for the kids.
At half time we attempted to get a beer from the Bescot bar but the Queue was outside the door. No chance whatsoever.
We then tried the kiosks and had to queue alongside the main stand.
As the players came out for the second half we gave up.
I reckon with pre match and half time we could have spent about £25 on food and drink but spent nothing.
We had a drink in a pub on the way home.
£5 a ticket is a great offer but if the infrastructure isn’t there to reap the benefits of having a better crowd it’s pointless.
Another massively missed opportunity by WFC.


I started queuing at 15.38. I got served at 16.05. Talking to a member of staff when I said how ridiculous it was I was told that they were understaffed. I asked why as they knew it was a fiver game and they said that even the manager wasn’t aware that the Bescot Bar would be open today. Clearly these problems are above the bar managers.


We pre-paid for our drinks for half time in the stadium suite and still had to queue why ? no pre pulled drinks they had 45 mins to get these drinks ready and when I moaned was told they had a new bar manager and he didn’t know how it worked, these things should be sorted before match day it’s getting worse, there’s a machine there that when they give you a ticket they have one so it’s not rocket science ffs.


We’ve spoke about this so many times on here. These are the basics.

The club knows when there will be loads of collections. So to run it in the usual way from one window with the tickets in envelopes in a shoebox is doomed on days like today.

There are enough places around the ground where you could hold collections and make it more efficient (e.g splitting the alphabet into four thereby creating four queue lanes instead of one).

Then the bar. The kiosk on the family stand side of the upper tier is hugely under-used. In fact I’m not sure many people know there is a kiosk there. It would help the bar situation if that kiosk stocked bottled beers.

Not hard this stuff but we get it so wrong it’s painful.


There was loads of Cambridge fans behind me in the queue to collect tickets. Nothing wrong with that but surely that old programme kiosk in the away end would be a good place or even a temporary pop up stall in the away car park.

Would thin out the queues a bit more if away fans had their own area to pick up tickets.


Totally understand your frustration but if tickets needed collecting and fit in a couple of pints then arriving at 2.20 is a bit late maybe you should have got there before 2pm.


Never queue as wont buy the food and drink as its such a rip off always get my food before the game.I dont thinks its just us its all football clubs. Every time I go in the bar before the game to met my mates the bloke on the door says the queue is long mate if you want a drink it will never change

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20 minutes to get two hot drinks in the Lower at half time.

That’s a quick pint before kick off and one at half time Gavin not 2 before.
It really won’t work for me having to arrive at the ground at midday to get a single pre match pint with a couple of kids.
I would be more than happy to give my money to the club but am now thinking it would be a better idea to go elsewhere pre match.

How hard can it be to resolve the the issues regarding cues, surely if you know that people are turning there back on buying food/beverages due to cues, resulting in lost revenue and fan grievance. Then you just flood the kiosk/bar with staff even if its overkill. Until you can properly resolve the issue.

How you can be keep going on about achieving 5k average when the matchday experience is awful.

Get the basics right first mr pomlett and the rest will fall into place.


Apologies it was just the way you worded it… IT does need sorting though. Seems to fall on deaf ears or it is just not possible due to the set up and outdated facilities?

Fans will still be saying the same thing in 10 yrs time, to use the old saying " if things don’t change they will stay the same" I don’t bother trying to get a pint in the stadium suite, I just go in to keep warm and have a little smile at the circus :clown_face:

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Surely you don’t need to sell much more to cover extra wages for extra staff and why not have bottle bar even if it was plastic to speed up queues at bars. Having said that the beer is shocking and made worst by the fact that we are sponsored by a brewery


You would think the club could talk to Bank’s, who better to advise on selling beer ?


The whole set up is flawed. Designed for dinners/events where there is a steady flow of customers rather than a sporting event where lots of people need serving in a short time period.

Look at how others do it and adapt. Can’t be that hard.


Been saying this for years.
They’re serving Banks’s Smoothpour that’s chilled like it’s just come out of a 10 minute spell in the freezer.
When you’ve got 15 mins to drink a pint it doesn’t help that you don’t get served for half that time then when you do get your beer it’s so cold you’re struggling to get it drunk.

Love it when the staff shout anybody waiting to be served

As the queue disappears down the wednesbury road


It sounds like fans are being negative but they have every right to be.
We live in a world where customer service is key to a successful business.
WFC’ s approach of treating its customers is outdated and must change soon before more fans are lost.
The football day our needs to be much more than the 90 mins on the pitch.


In fairness, Im not sure Id allow as little time as 40 minutes to pick up tickets and get a few beers at any league ground.

Really? At away games we get in about 10-15 minutes before kick off and manage to get a pint in time. Okay we aren’t collecting tickets as well but that wouldn’t take the extra 25-30 minutes you’d add on to make it 40 mins.