Record Breakers?

7 games left - can we do it?


It’s a shoo-in. Another seven 0-0 draws to end the season, and our name in the record books. :crazy_face:

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If I’m reading it correctly, we only need 5 draws to take the most draws in a season record.

5 draws would probably keep us up too.

It’s not that unlikely


A nailed-on certainty for me :rofl:

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I believe our club record for games without a win is 18, so we could ‘achieve’ both.

I thought we went 22 games without a win in 1988/89 starting with a 3-1 defeat to Liverpool in the cup and ending when we beat Sunderland 3-0 a week after we’d been thumped 7-0 by Chelsea at home.

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Are we not at 21 now without a win ? 7 for DC and 14 for Duts

We beat Sunderland at home some time between the time you mentioned.

I think the Sunderland home game was the week before the Liverpool game. Not sure if it made 21 games without a win though, would need to look it up and start counting.

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You are right.

It was 18 league matches without a win, of that run the first three were the draws and then we went 15 straight defeats in a row until the incredible win at Sunderland.

There were also 4 cup games, the 3-1 against Liverpool, a draw and a defeat in FA Cup third round against Brentford and a 4-2 defeat to Palace in the Simod Cup.

But of course we were at that time playing in the second level.

I thought we beat Sunderland the weekend before we lost to Liverpool?

You are right, I just checked. Was a long time ago !

We’ve lost so many games, how can we possibly keep track of them all? :joy:

I went to every game that season home and away. Just looking we had only lost 2 league games up to the last weekend of October. Then LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL .


I think the rot set in that season when we lost the talented Alex Taylor due to a broken leg against Stoke. Was it something like one win in 27 after that? Of course we also signed Dale Banton around then.


I genuinely think Banton gets a bit of unfair stick, always comes up in worst Walsall players ever threads. Don’t get me wrong he wasn’t good enough, but he had scored a shed load at 4th division level. He was plonked into a team out of it’s depth two divisions higher and by all accounts was carrying a knee injury for most of the 10 or so games he played. Still it my have been different if we had signed Rimmer at that point instead of later.

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14 games ago we beat port vale.

I think you’re right in that he comes in for a lot of unfair stick, even though I’ve been one of his critics. I think his success at Aldershot and York was partly to blame as we had high expectations and a lot of fans saw him as a replacement for Kelly. He would certainly have done a lot better for us in this division than our current forwards.

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I’ve posted this story before but worth repeating …

When we beat Aldershot 4-1 down at their place in the Late and Daft Trophy back in 1990, there was only a small crowd of about 1200 (including just a handful of Saddlers) but to a man all their fans started chanting “What a waste of money” when Banton came on for them as a late sub. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


WOW!!! Let’s give it up for our record breaking Saddlers…wup-wup :+1::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::confetti_ball::grin::grimacing::cold_sweat::astonished::roll_eyes::slightly_frowning_face: