Is this down to DC and his team alone at the moment.

Many of us used to pick fault (with fair reason) the work and role of Paul Taylor in the 90s and in to the 00s. But is it my rose tinted glasses or did we unearth more gems back then than we do these days.

Only Dean Smith since the Paul Taylor days has recruited with any real nouse or quality.

What is our recruitment structure and strategy these days. We don’t recruit with as much variety as we used to in the past. Don’t know why this is.

He did recruit some great players but some dross too

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Went on to start his own football consultancy business in 2002.

He most certainly did…

Taylor had his fair share of guff but those signings came with little risk id imagine, and the ones that turned out gold were fantastic.

At least he was out there looking at players, who does that now? No one.

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Ron Jukes was great for us, and Steve Joesbury was pretty good too. We unearthed players from Lye Town, Dudley, Alvechurch and other unglamorous places, and they had good careers.
We need to sort out the scouting.

That’s what we don’t do now picking up local talent from non league neighbours

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Taylor as a talent spotter was a good solution for walsall at the time. As an agent, he benefitted from his players having an English shop window to display their wares in too…

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Nowt wrong with both benefitting as long as it works. He signed a lot of ■■■■ but he gave us some of the best we’ve had in my lifetime. Plus it was fun.

I think his last season with us was when we re signed Paul Hall and Danny Sonner and the lot on their pensions though…and the horrendous Carneiro. He was deffo playing for us for a bet.

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What a scout before a Director of football, man that’s off the scale

Don’t forget we signed Tommy Mooney as well and being called Dads Army! :joy:

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Paul Taylor was great for Walsall. Signed some dross but some gems also


Didn’t suntan man have a deal on an earn out with JB if we sold anyone, there was defiantly something …

Probably but he was great for Walsall. Letaio. Matias, bukran, Aranadle, peron, lightbourne to name but a few

Proper footballers. Could actually pass the ball to a team mate!


Paul Taylor was hated by most . But looking back he did actually bring some decent players to the club along with a fair few poor players.

And there was always
Gisbert Bos, John Jacque day do a lot
Didier tholot, darko Mavrak, Carlos canerio, kofi dakkanar, Adolfie ofodile, there the ones I remember being terrible with the exception of Tholot

Athuman Chine, Pierre (?) Essers, Regis Gerrault, Bica, there must have been others. I saw some right donkeys in the reserves when we had them on trial. All of them were better than Bica though, he was shocking.

Scott oleranshaw

Walter Otta as well, scored 12 for us in 98/99

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He scored three in the League and one in the Auto Two Bob Trophy. Scored his first after coming on as sub in a bad tempered game with Lincoln, I think his was the winner after we’d been 1-0 behind.
Also scored at Oldham in what was a huge win for us, with a young Gadsby and a still relatively inexperienced Roper as our centre backs and neither put a foot wrong. Man City drew at Home with somebody that afternoon so it was a brilliant day for us. It was Oldham in December so it was cold, but by some distance not the coldest I’ve been watching us on that ground. :snowman_with_snow: