Released and retained list announced


Happy with that, although I’d of liked to see Morris have one last chance.

Guthrie and Leahy depart with more than 200 appearances between them, how on Earth did that happen?

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Understand most of these, but maybe a bit harsh on Mussa? Not really had a chance to shine.

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Your not wrong about Kory, I have doubted all along that neither he nor Chambers will ever wear a Walsall shirt in anger again, we are sad about this but such is life after such an injury.
Great cull by DC. He obviously knows what he is doing.
Can’t see Ferrier being in his plans either, and, if the rumours of Norwood going to Ipswich are true, and Tranmere win the play off final (which is likely), Cookie will be off to re-join his mates again as Norwood’s obvious replacement, (which is sad for us, because he would have ripped the 4th Division apart for us). But they will be a team in a higher Division than us! Cringeworthy!
Looking forward to seeing what new signings DC makes to liven up our summer!



Hope so - just what we need.

Then get some decent wingers PLEASE!



Indeed it’s incredible how they were so consistently poor, yet so consistently picked. And joining them is Devlin, who if he resigns, will be the worst player i have ever seen in a Walsall shirt, to have made so many apperances.



Worst player slight exaggeration there me thinks :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



You miss my point: I don’t expect us to complete our signings by June but I would like to see a few good signings for when the players report back in July. Then at least there would be a chance for us to develop some sort of settled style of play before the first game.



If he Devlin was 1 of the worst players in our history (which is complete nonsense) why would a manager with Clarke’s expertises look to give him a two year extension? I hope he signs and is given the captains arm band and proves all his critics wrong



Devlin has made 77 starts and 4 sub appearances, so he has a long way to go before he catches up with a local lad who made 150 starts and 42 sub appearances, who while he always gave 100% (and I am therefore not going to name him) was a far worse player than Nicky Devlin.



So you don’t wish to name the guilty party but otherwise make it 100% obvious that you’re talking about @taunz



He had 3 minutes against Scunthorpe where he tripped over his own feet and was on Instagram Live last week kissing the Walsall badge.

I think that’s enough for me.



You obviously didn’t see some of the players Mersin signed especially goalkeepers




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Multi year deals, the other side of the coin. You can rarely get shot of them when they are crap:grin:



Only one i think is a mistake is Edwards, I really think he is a under rated all rounder. Perfect if you want a smaller squad too as he can play multiple positions. He didn’t look the same when he came back from injury mind.

Nothing to be upset about though, I will be glad to see the back of the rest. Im not holding my breath Delin and Kinsella will stay either.

Id love to see Chambers stay around the club in some capacity, an absolute gentleman and a fine servant to Walsall FC.



Very true. Didn’t Whitney tell us we were “building from the back” when we signed those guys :joy: I’ll be curious to see where they end up.



I imagine Leahy will get a League 1 club on the basis of his assists record, someone wont bother checking if he can defend.



Hope Kinsella will stay. Heard clubs in both the Championship and League 1 (Oxford being one) were watching him though.



Wouldn’t be surprised if Leahy ended up at Coventry, it’s his hometown club and they did take Baka from us!!! So have history in taking crap!



Except that bakayoko became an integral part of a team who made quite a charge up the table to just miss out on play offs. I suspect leahy will go there and I suspect that, if he can throw off the negative attitude he’s developed this last season, he’ll be another important player in a team in or around the play offs next season