Relegation calculator (again)


Earlier this season I had high hopes of using this calculator to gauge our chances of promotion (back in the heady days of our comfortable place in the top 6) - as usual we end up in February with hopes dashed, anxiously looking over our shoulder as the chasing pack closes in.

With no predictions from this keyboard (allowing the calculator to do the forecast based on form and the remaining fixtures) we are relegated in 22nd place on 41 points. What do you think?


I had to read the title twice!! Thought I was getting demoted for a second.


Very generous - includes 3 wins and a load of draws. And have us on 51 points, 2 from the drop with Bradford, Oxford, Wimbledon and Shrewsbury down.


Done it again with a more realistic view of the next few games and a steady end. Down on 47. That upcoming game against Bradford is crucial!


I had us down comfortably. Our run in is dreadful I really don’t see where the points are coming from.


My three (possible) wins are Oxford and Southend at home, and a potential away win at Accrington.


I had us on 44 points, tried to be positive over the next few games but too many draws. My bottom 7 are all within 6 points of each other though.


I’ve got us 23rd on 45 points, largely because I don’t trust us to win crunch home games.


We won’t get any more than 43 points. My realistic bet is on 40 points.


19th Salop 47pts
20th Oxford United 47pts

21st Bradford City 46pts
22nd Walsall 45pts
23rd Rochdale 43pts
24th AFC Wimbledon 36pts


3rd bottom with 44. Even then I was being optimistic with some.

Racing and Football Outlook now have us bottom of L1 ratings with only Wimbledon close. They have us 23rd in their final table with 42-above Wimbledon only because of points got already. They forecast they’ll get two more than us in the remaining games.


This season is sponsored by the number ‘three’. Three years ago team finished third in the table. This season team will finish third, from the bottom. Even calculator agrees.


20th on 51 points, 5 clear of relegated teams.

Really must start taking more water with it :tumbler_glass:


Even with extremely optimistic wins against Fleetwood, Oxford, Southend and Shrewsbury… we are relegated on goal difference behind Gillingham. I think I’ve seen that one before!

|18|Bristol Rovers|46|-3|51|

|24|AFC Wimbledon|46|-30|42|


Just need Stoke to score a goal…


21st on 49 points.

5 Doncaster 46 +23 75
6 Charlton 46 +14 74
7 Blackpool 46 +12 74
8 Peterborough 46 +9 74
9 Walsall 46 +0 74

Just miss out on the playoffs, nightmare.


Kents out.


Got us 12th on 55points somehow … so hard to be honest to yourself and our relegation rivals when predicting :joy:


It was those missed penalties that did for us!