Relegation calculator (again)


I did it realistically based on current form and unfortunately ( or fortunately for the Fish and Chips available ) we will be playing Grimsby next term unless, of course, they get promoted !!

My prediction just based on WFC’s fixtures was a finish in 23rd with 43 points and -23 goal difference

Lot of 3’s in there as suggested my Michal’s Threetheorum… think i might do the lottery tonight its 153 million rollover, perhaps we all ought to buy 2 tickets instead of paying £ 5 to JWB on Saturday. Even if I shared with 10 others whoever won could pay for the cancer to be removed and still have enough to have a nice life.


Can you share whatever you been toking ?


44 or 43 points and I think that is being overly optimistic, can’t really see where many more points can come from as we are the laughing stock of the League at present, anyone can beat us, particularly at Bescot! I’ll be there on Saturday, but fear Bradford will net another 4.
So, we finish 23rd, and will go down with Wimbledon (already too far gone) Rochdale (with a similar goal difference problem), and Gillingham (even WE beat them!).


Trying to be realistic, I forecast the Walsall games, and we would be relegated in bottom-but-one place on 46 points.

On current form I just can’t see where the next points are coming from.


Exactly, but 46 points? can’t see it myself unless A.N. Other manager comes on board after Saturday’s defeat.


sT.o p tA.ciN Th,E PitH


With all this doom and gloom, I’ve finally closed out my spread-bet season points buy - opened at 55, closed today at 51 (ironically helped by a promotional offer).
Think I’ve escaped lightly there.


Who was that with Timbuktu?
I’ve got the same bet with Sporting Index but it is showing 49.5-51?


Where people see us getting points from I don’t know. Last two games could easily have been 4-0 to Wimbledon and 6-0 to Coventry.

This run isn’t about bad luck or just falling short in tight games. We’re useless. Bad players being badly coached and badly organised. It’s bad.

Looking at the table I can see why the old fishy calculator might be getting dusted off but watching us play the last few months makes it quite a futile exercise unfortunately.


47 points 21st and down thats being generous.


Sporting Index it is - closed at 49.5 but they had kindly stuck a £50 promotional credit in my account which was triggered by my closing out transaction - very unexpected, but it means that I escaped at a shade over 51 points all-in.
I had considered going short at 49.5, but I am now pursuing another strategy over at Betfair…




I’ve got us missing out on automatic promotion on goal difference


I haven’t done this…I simply cannot see where the next point is coming from. Nothing from 3 of the worst teams in the League (Scunthorpe,Rochdale, Wimbledon) and a thrashing by Coventry.If we get to 40 points I will be amazed. Its over folks and don’t forget I am usually one of the optimists on here!! (Although not as optimistic as Optimistic!!!) It appears the Board have decide to stick with DK…our local derby next year will be against Solihull Moors…ironic that some on here have deserted us to support them!!!


Can only see this team getting to 44 or 45 points with the fixtures left, 2 wins and a couple of draws.

Only saving grace is in April playing Southend, Wycombe and Peterbrough who could all be mid table with little to play for.

Think I’d sign up right now to going to Shrewsbury last day and just needing a point to stay up as would be the case with how table looks now.

Some interesting games tonight. Got a feeling Oxford will win at Accrington and Rochdale are at home to Wimbledon and I suspect they’ll do a little better at home to the Dons on a Tuesday night than what happened last week.

Bristol Rovers and Gillingham have two of the most difficult away games in the division so very bad night if either of them pick up a shock win.


Gillingham already 1-1 at Sunderland…:roll_eyes:


Quite a few draws. I’ve got us 22nd on 47pts.

Rochdale wining 1-0
Sunderland 2-1


That’s given me a good laugh. Cheers Ancien…sorry, 4eva. Needed that in these sad times. :wink:


21st on 48 points


Exactly Wimbledon at home is the benchmark.

On that basis there are no more games that I can see us getting a point.

Last throw of the dice time for me get Red Adair in

Could we do the early birds earlier and change the manager now?