Relegation calculator (again)


No longer amused by this rubbish, now becoming angry, don’t know how many more times, just hope against hope that he comes back on here… eventually,and cheers us all up with his optimistic outlook on life!


17th with 53 points. Oh well, at least we can dream a bit.


I tried to be confident and ended up on 47 points and relegated.

We really have left it too late to sort out this time, those run of tough games in March kill us.


Please accept my humblest apologies. No offense meant and the last thing any of us need right now is another reason to be angry.
I hope, instead, you take this as a compliment that I enjoy reading your optimistic views as much as I did his. :grin:


Pah…if he ain’t Anciemt Moaner then my P***k”s a bloater, as my old grandad used to say.



Thanks layzeedude. Belphegor is a lost cause!
Think I must have met him once at the Lady Heyes antique centre in my neck of the woods, seeing Walsall decals in his rear screen (so rare up here) I had to speak with him, but seemed more interested in his coin collection than our team. Must have fallen out of love with the Saddlers.


I thought you said you lived in Dewsbury. :wink:


I have tried the Fishy relegation calculator and we ended up with a finish in 23rd with 43 points and -23 goal difference

With the current run of form I did consider I might have erred on the pessimistic side when deciding on the outcome of the remains games.

I wondered what the odds are for us to go down, as this may be a more impartial indicator

They think we are doomed Captain Mainwaring alongside Wimbledon, Bradford and Rochdale

The best odds are 6/5 to go down, if only I had wagered a punt on 03.11.18 with Bet Victor @ 20/1 !!!


That is this Ancient Moaner bloke, didn’t he move to Lancashire?
I have lived in Cheshire since the days of Fellows Park!
Getting irritated now, if someone sees him on Saturday,for god sake tell him to re register!!!


I’ve tried several scenarios of these fixtures.
There is no way we can stay up.
Other teams ultimately have an easier run in than us.


Seems a few young league 1 misfits became men today.

Should make the run in more interesting at least.

Big ask but if the team can get another 10 points on the board before the Easter Friday game at home to Southend that will give a cracking chance of staying up.

Stating the bleeding obvious but that was huge, Bradford surely all but down considering the circumstances. Pompey away and Peterborough and Luton at home their next three fixtures btw.


55 points 16th safe as


Not getting carried away with Saturday, Bradford are crap.

March is make or break , nick something at Burton and we may gain momentum… fingers crossed.


Some interesting news this morning.

Keith Hill sacked by Rochdale.

Bradford appointed Gary Bowyer until end of the season.


Keith hill being sacked only deepens Rochdales chances of staying out of trouble in my opinion.


I’d take Keith Hill.

Wouldn’t go down great in some quarters given his expression of solidarity with Jon Whitney and his Dicky Dosh-esque bristle but he knows this league, he can operate on a budget and he is a fine match manager.

Performed near miracles at ‘Dale one of the few clubs smaller than us at this level.


Rochdale have conceded 19 more goals than our terrible defence this season. Not sure he’s the answer to our prayers.


Keith Hill IS Rochdale, when they drop into the 4th Division having appointed an O’Dysmal lookalike to guide them there, mid term when they are just above the 4th Division relegation zone, they will re-appoint Keith Hill again to rescue their season, it’s the Rochdale way.


Need to look beyond the short term.

Keith Hill delivered Rochdale’s first promotion in I believe 30 years when he got them up in 2010. He then comfortably established them in league one for next two seasons before Barnsley took him.

While he was away they quickly got relegated back to league two.

He came back in 2014 and got them promoted again and again established them. Also took them to the 5th round and a replay v Spurs which got national attention.

Guess it’s just a case of his methods wearing off now after a long period but I’d be more confident if the worst happens of a Hill type manager getting the club back up to league one than DK tbh.


Short term? He’s been in charge of that team for some time and put that terrible defence together. Congrats to him for getting promoted to league 1. He’s not the answer by any stretch.

They haven’t just conceded more than us by the way, they’ve conceded more than anybody else in the entire league. By 14 goals. They’ve actually conceded more goals than anybody else in the entire football league.