Renewing season ticket

So, definitely a glass half-full kind of guy when it comes to Walsall FC, then? :rofl:

So depressing reading that mate, and even more depressing realising how true it all is.

Mate I was more depressed leaving the ground than when i entered :anguished: There just comes a time when you think why bother, we have been so badly run for many years, just scraping by with the odd lucky periods i.e. sir Ray, Chris Nichol etc. But the main thing that really bugs me is the incompetence of the "senior " members running this shambles Gamble and Mole, and the archaic board still in place, how the hell can we move forward when we employ staff that only think backwards, rant over.


How many did you attend in 15/16 out of interest? :wink: Row F at Wembley was it? :beers:

All the flaws behind the scenes remained in those times but it’s a bit easier to stomach when you see the quality on the pitch and the overall plan in those times that sadly evaporated as soon as DS left. Even then at least got to watch player like Oztumer for two seasons.

Current problem is how workmanlike and unexciting the current team is and combined with the set up and restrictions it’s all pretty depressing. Club being a comfortable mid table league 1 team again feels like a good 5 years off currently when it was the default setting for vast majority of last 15 years of the Bonser tenure so it’s not that difficult but bad decision after bad decision since May 2016 has resulted in this now and there’s no quick fix to solve it.

Any idea when early birds will be released?

Once they have clarification on the covid rules I believe.


Once Brian’s been relieved of his duties and a new manager with a decent lower league history has been appointed otherwise Leigh’s not going to get many sales at all after the poor decisions that have been made over recent months.

Think you hit the nail on the head there

I have been thinking for quite a while. Eventually LP twigged we are a Football Club without anyone on the board knowing much or have experience/qualifications about Football management the same goes for we are a Customer Entertainment business they has got no-one experienced looking at the customer experience and entertainment offering whatsoever.

No disrespect but the people on the board seem to either be stuck in the good old days of the 70/80s or bean counters/administrators/logistics/corporate types

Does anyone know if the Walsall manager’s job has been advertised, or is it assumed that BD has the job until told otherwise?
If he leaves, that’s a further delay whilst the club searches for a replacement.
Where does the DoF fit into all this? Will he be preparing the retained list?
Hopefully somethings going on behind the scenes, but I’m not confident!

Not before all the chickens come home to roost.

There are no early birds this next season.

There will be a gimmick or incentive to galvanise interest

If there were early birds Dutton would have had the bullet at that time

Sensible way to sell to people emotionally attached to the club. All we want is a tiny bit of hope to part with our money.