Retain or release

The following 19 players are out of contract:

Goalkeepers: Joe Slinn, Chris Dunn
Defenders: Jon Guthrie, Luke Leahy, Nicky Devlin, Callum Cockerill-Mollett, Dan Vann
Midfield / Wingers: Liam Kinsella, Joe Edwards (1 year option), Isaiah Osbourne, Zeli Ismail, Adam Chambers, Maz Kouhyar, Jordon Sangha, Omar Mussa (1 year option), Kieron Morris, Tobias Hayles-Docherty
Strikers: Cameron Peters, Dylan Parker

This leaves us with:
Liam Roberts,
Cameron Norman, Kory Roberts, Dan Scarr
George Dobson, Alfie Bates
Andy Cook, Morgan Ferrier, Josh Gordon and Mitch Candlin

Who would you try to keep?

DK’s hands were tied by a number of young players on contracts who weren’t good enough to play in the 1st team. How many players do we need for a 1st team squad, especially as we don’t have a reserve team?

Kinsella,Dunn Devlin and Kory Roberts.
The rest can go.

My squad would be :

Liam Roberts + 1 experienced
Cameron Norman, Kory Roberts, Dan Scarr, Nicky Devlin, Callum Cockerill-Mollett + experienced centre back and left back
George Dobson, Alfie Bates, Liam Kinsella, Joe Edwards, Kieron Morris, + 2
Andy Cook, Morgan Ferrier, Josh Gordon and Mitch Candlin

So 5 players in and 13 out leaving us with a squad of 20.
I would also contract to Maz Kouhyar to allow him to regain fitness and also add 2 season long loans.

Reducing the number of contracted players must save some money which could be invested in better players to add to the squad.

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I didn’t see enough of Dunn to make a judgement.

Make Dan Scarr club captain.

Sell if possible, L Roberts, Ferrier & Dobson.

Would get rid of pretty much all the defence tbh, Guthrie might be better in league two but just had enough of watching him last two years and both full backs can go as I imagine that’s one area where DC will make his mark.

I imagine one of the first things he will be told by staff is get a commanding keeper in. Dunn might not be a 40 game keeper but he did settle the back 4 down in the last few weeks by constantly claiming crosses so imperative you make that signing and build from there.

Midfield is interesting one. I’d still keep Dobson and Kinsella, maybe Edwards aswell who I think needs a pre season to really get back into shape.

They need a play maker infront of them or at least someone who can hit 10 + goals. It was alright everyone saying Oztumer limited the team in how they could play but it was a massive fail to switch to wingers who then contribute about 5 goals between them over the season, a big factor in relegation.

I would if DC has had guarentees Cook will stay, can see that swinging it for him in terms of taking the job if told yes. I think him and Gordon will be good in league two as a partnership.

If you let Ismail and Ferrier go then you have budget in that area to source another decent forward for the season.

Out of interest, why are you wanting to keep Osbourne? I’ve seen statues that are more mobile.


I would try and keep Edwards, Kinsella, and maybe Devlin.

I don’t think we will keep Edwards as i think he had a decent contract with us and may not accept lower terms. Devlin will probably cut it at L2 level, and at least he gives a toss. Again i bet he wont want to accept lower terms. Interested to see if he can get any better than us though, i think he has been over rated by our fans.

Kinsella is a no brainer.

To be fair there is a good core of players to start with, id be very surprised if someone parts with money for Cook if they have watched him actually play. So we start with a decent front line at least. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Ferrier binned off.

Whomever goes, needs to be the one’s who’s attitude stinks, ability shouldn’t come into it.

Oh how we see things differently. I’d keep Devlin instead of Kinsella.

Osbourne :see_no_evil:

Keep Kinsella and Devlin get rid of the rest.

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Goalie? One experienced, one youth will do the trick.
Defenders? Scarr should be ok, three other positions has to be fulfilled. Or change of system, three defensive players (doesn’t matter three centre backs, or two plus one def mid) and two wing-backs.
Midfield? Edwards yes, if possible, Osbourne 50/50 (I understand he lacks some attributes, but he can offer something different), Dobson 50/50 (I still don’t know his best position, where he can show how good he is), Kinsella? One big question mark, probably signed deal elsewhere. Ismail big no no, rest of midfielders how gaffer see it. For example it he wants to play with 5 mids and one striker, it will be different to system with three central mids and 3 offensive players.
Strikers? Pair Cook-Gordon should be enough. Ferrier? His zeal (or enthusiasm) could be directed in other direction. Towards opponents, not players from the same team. Or maybe, how it is called, self-improvement.

More general observation, team needs 2-4 good more offensive players, that can create something and score goals/make assists. Edwards can play such role, Devlin too, Cook/Gordon should be ok league below, one more new player should be ok too.
And pretty please, with sugar on top - find good set piece taker.

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Beat me to it! Total waste of a salary, brings absolutely zero to a squad, pretty good for our opposition though, send him a text which side you are going to pass him on and he still wouldn’t turn in time!


Indeed, turns out Whitney was right to let him go first time around.

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Definitely think that attitude is probably the most critical attribute DC needs to use when chosing his retained players. On the rare occasions that the team did perform well, it’s clear that the players have some modicum of ability - if they lacked ability, by this stage in their careers they’ve been found out and put aside. You can improve skill, but a bad attitude is harder to change - and it seeps into the individuals around them and affects everyone. In terms of forming a bond with the fans, effort, 100% commitment and a never-say-die attitude overcomes any shortcomings in ability. I don’t expect a player to be world class - but I expect them to give everything during a game and have nothing left when they come off at the end. If he picks players with the right attitude - ones who fight for each other, the badge and the fans, then he’ll be well on the way to getting us all to start falling back in love with football again.

I think some of the worst players from last season will still have a career at the Banks’s, but hopefully as market traders :joy:

Of the out of contract players would try and keep Devlin( will be an asset at league 2 level). Kinnsella (making great strides and good at what he does).edwards(people forget he had a career threatening injury and will come back stronger after a good pre season) and Parker( has potential big season for him to show it).

Parker i can see being released struggled to make any impact in the 7th tier at Rushall.

I’d like to see us keep:

Defenders: Nicky Devlin
Midfield: Liam Kinsella, Joe Edwards and Adam Chambers (offer him a coaching role).
Kieron Morris is one who has been mentioned and I wouldn’t be against him getting a new contract but also wouldn’t be upset if he left.

Those who are contracted, I’d try and get rid of Ferrier definitely.

If I was DC I’d sit down and watch games against Luton Sunderland Barnsley then watch Wimbledon southend Wycombe and take it from there a good manager would know who’s up for it


I’d keep Cockerill-Mollett, Kinsella or Edwards, Morris and Sangha, then I’d release the rest.

Leaving DC with

Norman, Roberts, Scarr, Mollett
Sangha, Kinsella, Bates, Morris
Cook, Gordon, Ferrier, Candlin

Get experienced GK, RB, CB, LB, RM, CM, LM and perhaps another striker if Cook moves on.

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