Retained & Released List - 2022

Pretty much as expected.


Talks with Oss, we had an option to renew so sounds like we have offered him reduced terms perhaps

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Personally I’d show him the door, but partially expected us to offer him something.


negotiations with osadebe would entail two words.


Taxi waiting?


Apparently we did show him the door, the glass doors in the Bonser Suite, but he walked straight into them.

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We are having to wait as the Premier League is still going so Burnley will be waiting to see what league they are in before offering terms and seeing if they can compete with Brentford and Palace :smiley:


Is it P fourtyfive, Tone ?

Disappointed about Leak- at his age I’m sure we could have improved him this season with a view to making some money from him later.
Would have liked to see the back of Osadebe once and for all - fingers crossed.
Flynn’s problem was not the out of contract list - it’s the ones he’s stuck with that’s the headache. Gonna take some major manoeuvring and cajoling to offload some of them to make space for new players.


That’s what I was thinking, we’re carrying a few who for me are not good enough to help the club challenge for promotion.

Hopefully we move some on.

Disappointed Leak has gone. I think he’s been good whenever he has played.

Osedebe must be waiting on that premier league deal before he confirms or not.


I’d think Leak has gone for budget reasons as the Retained list contains 4 more experienced and contracted players who can fill the back 3. With Wilkinson & Labadie on long term injury list it will free up some money to let Leak go.

Leak can count himself very unfortunate. I thought he looked good, comfortable on the ball with both feet and I can’t recall him ever letting us down.

Osadebe talks ongoing…why…


Seems an incredibly risky strategy to be honest. I’d be amazed if he was on very much to be honest.


I hope Osadebe stays but I do not understand the situation because I thought the Club had the option, so that they either say no or just extend…

I am disappointed that Leak is not staying but he was probably unlucky because we have enough central defenders and he was the only one out of contract. Also disappointed that Shade is not staying, since I thought he developed hugely under Flynn, who appeared to like him. I guess it might be a wages issue but I expect Shade to go upwards rather than down.


Shade may be one of those MF is talking too …he certainly improved as the season progressed and I think he would be a decent signing.

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Yes, I hope so.

So we have lost 11, 10 if you do not count Sadler, and another to be decided. If Flynn wants to increase the size of the squad, we need another dozen at the very least, probably more. I guess 3 or 4 will be loanees.

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I remember Leek came into the side against Bradford and Andy Cook hardly had a kick. As others have said he’s never let us down.
I understand we need experienced players to get us out of a short term fix, but they seldom have a re sale value. However, developing and selling on just one young player a season like Leek, provides much needed cash for the club. As it stands at the mo, I doubt any of the contracted players, maybe with the exception of a fit Wilko, has any resale value at all, which means the vicious circle will continue.

Kinsella would fetch a fee, as would Earing.