The following players remain in contract for the 23/24 season:

Jamille Matt

Ronan Maher

Joe Riley

Isaac Hutchinson

Tom Knowles

Liam Gordon

Brandon Comley

Oisin McEntee

Donervon Daniels

Owen Evans

Rollin Menayese

The following players will not be offered a new contract when their current deal expires. The club wishes to thank those players and wish them all the best for the future.

Liam Kinsella

Conor Wilkinson

Andy Williams

Jacob Maddox

Peter Clarke

Timmy Abraham

Joss Labadie

Manny Monthe

Hayden White

Sam Perry

Jonas Mukuna

Talks are ongoing with Taylor Allen whilst second year Scholar, Marvellous Onabirekhanlen, has been offered a first professional contract.

Douglas James-Taylor, Mat Stevens, Robbie Willmott, Yann Songo’o, Joe Low and Jackson Smith have all now formally returned to their parent clubs after loan spells at the Poundland Bescot Stadium.

Joe Foulkes also offered a new deal.

Pretty much perfect list.

Glad we are looking after Earing.

Will miss Mukuna, legend.


A definite statement of intent from the club. Possible that one or two made the decision rather than the club, I spose.


Why are talks ongoing with Taylor Allen? That is probably the only bizarre aspect of the list.

Best of luck to Kins, while it says those players won’t be offered new contracts I wonder how many had signalled no intention of signing one and that they were moving on?


Shame about Sam Perry , hope he can resurrect his career, there was definitely a player there .


Can’t argue with any of that.

Wish Liam Kinsella all the best, he’s been a great servant to the club :clap:t2::clap:t2:


Suprised and disappointed about Maddox.


Yes definitely agree with that , Don’t think he’ll struggle to get fixed up

Contrary to what some might think, I’m glad to see Liam Kinsella leaving. Calls an end to the boring repetitive conversation week after week, the over analysis every time there’s even a slightly under par performance, the responsibility for virtually every result. It just got exhausting and I’ve seen him get genuine abuse on Twitter (I’ll make that clear, not on here). Think it’s best for all parties.

I’m disappointed to see Maddox released that’s a strange one for me. Very impressive when he’s played, nice footballer. Don’t really get that.

Monthe must be signed up elsewhere so hardly a suprise he certainly played like it towards the end.



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I feel bad for Kinsella - from player of the season one year to being released…football is a cruel business.


Strange one that. Hardly got a kick last season.

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How long is Menayese contract? :joy: :roll_eyes:

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Looking at the website, who is Big Dug on the retained list? :confused:

End of 23/24 i believe.

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That’s a fantastic bit of news.

A LOT of wages tied up there have been released.


I’d rather we’d kept Maddox than Earring.

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I don’t feel sorry for him at all.

While I am sure we will miss him, it is our loss, not his.

He will definitely get a good deal at another club.


I’m not. Had our fill of paying for players on a treatment table.


Hold on. Why are we in talks with Taylor Allen??

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