Richard O’Kelly

Welcome back Richard.
I and many others believed that you were the special link to the players and tactics that gave Dean Smith his success in the past.
Not sure what you will make of some of our players though.


Fantastic news that is


DOF in the making perhaps


In the 11 for Saturday


Pleased with the short-term O’Kelly appointment.

I’m not a fan of the Director of Football role at this level, certainly not for a club with virtually no investment like ours.

That said, longer-term I would very much welcome O’Kelly acting in a part-time football consultant (to the board/ acting as sound board for the manager) and chief scout role. He could also work on bespoke projects as and when required.


As being discussed on the other thread, could be a trial run, otherwise what would be the point for basically a couple of weeks of end of season matches?

Maybe a seat on the board and a positive vision from Trivela could tempt him out of retirement. Only 66, so a few years left in him yet.


Good news in my opinion. Could be a glimpse into the future for our club. I think at least if he has any influence we may start playing some football.


Very encouraging


Good, sensible appointment. This is an encouraging sign.


Good news. Hopefully stays on in some capacity.

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I liked O’ Kelly as a player when he was here, good to see him back at the club, will be interested to see how this plays out, welcome Richie.

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Maybe a Shakesphere / Okelly combo for next season…
I think someone mentioned Shaky was interested in the Managers role in a seperate thread

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That, I would like to see.

would love to see O’Driscoll come in and prove a point about last time.

Think he was the right man wrong time at the club

Shakespeare walks in to a Prem or a Hampton shop job easy as a coach. Doubt he’d come here ! But would not say no

Until Deano gets a permanent job and he goes running.

Good appointment, but tells us 2 things - theyre considering Sadler for the top job, and Trivela ain’t calling all the shots.


Would love a Shakespeare/O’Kelly combo :+1:t2:


Interesting move - memory may be playing tricks but didn’t Chris Nicholl provide some oversight when Dean Smith first got role: could this be the same sort of move with Sadler in mind?

He did

I remember Carlise away under Smith

Nicholl walked in to the away end and shook all the fans hands. It was early pre warm up and there weren’t loads of us. But some bloke he is Chris Nicholl.


I have lots of time for ROK. Tidy player and really good bloke. The team used to use the sports hall at Stuart Bathurst and ROK would always take time to come and chat with us, often bringing us tickets. Managed to get most of the lads in the 6th form supporting us at some point on the back of this. Bumped into him again at a Khan fight and yet again took time to chat and reminisce about the gurrole mid 80s! Happy he is here.