Rico Henry Sell On Clause

Interesting he is having a great season at Brentford so far - do we have a sell on clause? It could help with getting the freehold back maybe…

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Indeed there is, plus other appearance based incentives. We will get pallets full of scratchings should they sell him :smile:

I think in the words of a certain poster it will only be a “packet of scratchings”…not enough to buy the freehold anyway.

Funnily enough, I was thinking the same as Londonsaddler

I have been keeping an eye on Brentford results this season and Rico’s appearances and after today’s win Brentford and now 3rd in Championship and have the best defensive record in the Championship

Hopefully there have been some Premiership scouts in S/W London looking for youngish players to develop. His value can only have rocketed this season.

Hopefully someone will swoop with a big money offer in the next window and we get enough to pay the call out for a plumber to fix the bogs and 6 bags of scratchings from the “undisclosed deal”

Any money received will be spent wisely i trust.

Surely there’s some payment if they go into the premier league. Looking very likely to me given how well they’re playing and Leeds stopped winning yet again.

If he gets into premier league he’ll probably get an England call up at some point.

Or do a Deeney and be a Brentford boy for the rest of his career . Sigh :pensive:

This is where Dean Smith could prove he was all along “agent Smith”, just put a £20million bid in Deano, and its your life’s mission accomplished - project freehold.

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There is bollock all loyalty in football … unless of course you are an ex Walsall player with a chunky sell on cause. In this instance you stay at your second club until you are 37 and worth about as much an out of date half eaten balti pie !


I don’t think Smith will be there much longer himself :laughing:

Eddie Howe could be out of a job soon as well

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Smith out.

Ha ha was just thinking that I tell you what though it shows what a job Klopps doing at Liverpool to be so far in front of this Man City side because these are some team.

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Maybe a question worth having at the focus meeting - exactly what clauses?

International appearances? League appearances? Sell on clause?

If my FM knowledge is anything to go by, it is a couple of £million in fees and a 20% sell on

Could be wrong though.


Is it actually Pomlett at the meeting or Gamble or Mole. One of those two will just say operational reasons they can’t say.

I think LP will be a little more open as he has been in his interviews so far.

Or ‘commercially sensitive’…

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To be fair to Deeney, Watford stuck with him after his vacation in prison. For a long time he was the main man at Watford and will have been on good contracts.

Think he would only have realistically left if Leicester had sold Vardy that one summer.


I can see Troy as player-manager at some point, probably 2026ish.

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Yeah Clarke will probably be long gone by then :wink:

Troy will be rewarded by Watford with a free transfer to Blues in two to three years.

On Rico, we are due a payout. We hit the post with a massive windfall for Troy. Forest off loaded Paterson and Barnsley did the same with Bradshaw at what to me look like sub market prices leaving us with virtually nowt by way of sell-ons. Sawyers was a calculated gamble which in the circumstances was fair enough but Brentford made £3m on a player who’s contract we allowed to run down. And Etheridge was, in my opinion, rank bad management.

Add in Grigg and I reckon those six players at their peaks would be worth an aggregated £50m. I think we got around £4m for them in total.

So yes - I’d say we were due.