RIP Chris Nicholl

Legend. A fantastic man and manager. RIP

News via the ISSA Facebook page.


So, so sad. :sleepy:

A great footballer as a rock at the centre of the Villa defence and he gave us one of the best seasons in our recent history. Forever remembered.

RIP Chris.


RIP Chris.

A great bloke full stop, first met him in his Villa days when he opened our school fete got his autograph on a scrap of paper.
Didn’t realise the part he’d play in my WFC life a another legend RIP
Sad day

Absolutely gutted loved Chris always been my favourite Walsall manager for what he did here sad news :cry:

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He came into Walsall and said he would get us promoted, and he delivered. That hot Thursday night at Bury will always be remembered by those lucky enough to be there.

RIP Chris, a great player, manager and a gentleman.


R.I.P Chris. Let’s all stand together on Tuesday night for the great man.


So many memories. But what a nice man. We are so lucky to have had him involved at Walsall.

First promotion as a Saddler away at Bury !

Never forget him helping Smith that first season, walking in to the away end at Carlisle - climbing the steps and shaking the hands of the 30 odd people who were in early and him thanking us for the support.

Then after Southampton away we were sat in the Saddlers Club - in walk Smith and Nicholl. Between them they got round most the room taking time to talk to fans.

I’d bump in to him here and there over the years. He must have lived Aldridge way at some point ?. So approachable. So knowledgable.

Some bloke Chris Nicholl ! So proud of what ISSA and former players have done the last few years to show just what he meant to Walsall.


My favourite ever manager. A true Walsall legend.

Thanks for everything Chris


Saw promotion in my first season watching Walsall under Coakley. After that it was back to back relegations and a few years in the wilderness of league two with the club nearly going to the wall.

Part way through a season in came Chris Nicholl, commanded instant respect and demands high standards of his team. That 0-0 on a Thursday evening at Bury to secure promotion was one of my best memories as a fan.

He then steadied us a a competent club in league one and you could argue built the foundations for our future forays into the Championship.

RIP Chris, up there with one of our best managers of my time following the Saddlers.


All the great years under Sir Ray were based on what Chris started. He gave us hope


Created the platform for Walsall to be a respected league 1 / championship club right from 1995 to 2018 (23 years other than the blip in 2006). We have a huge amount to thank Chris for. He got us back where we belonged in the 3rd teir.

Great person, always had time to have a chat. He commanded total respect from players which of course he got.

Very sad day for Walsall fans


A true, true legend. RIP So sad. And hard on the heels of another, BFJ.


It shouldn’t be forgotten that he stepped in to help at Walsall several times after he left as manager too. I’m sure he came in to support Graydon at some point.

Totally agree with what you said, he did the hard yards.That was some battle with Chesterfield that season, but he was so confident that we would do it and projected that on to the players. A great man, so willing to give his time to talk to any Walsall supporter.


Bumped into him in Bloxwich High Street a few years back. Spoke for a few minutes about Football in general - an absolute gentleman.

RIP Gaffer.


Devastating news. Lovely lovely man.

My favourite Nicholl story was when he’d been on the wireless following a toothless display at Peterborough. He said if it was down to him he wouldn’t pay the players. So my dad wrote to him to ask whether he’d be forgoing his own wage given he was the gaffer and in charge of the lacklustre squad that day.

Couple of days later the ‘phone goes at dad’s and it’s only Chris Nicholl himself. A rather miffed Chris Nicholl who suggested my dad wouldn’t say to his face what he’d said in the letter. A few of you know the old man - so a date was set and a meeting arranged. Chris Nicholl’s office where Chris wanted to know the longevity of my dad’s support, where he stood on matchday, what he did for a living etc. Dad answered all the questions and Nicholl was impressed. A nice day so they continued the conversation whilst walking around the ground, dad pointing out where we all stood whilst telling tales of Fellows Park and all the ups and downs of following Walsall. A genuine bond formed and two blokes of similar vintage with similar outlooks shook hands and expressed how much they’d enjoyed their conversation.

But it didn’t stop there. Subsequently, every time we’d see him, Chris would come over to dad, acknowledge him by his first name and ask how he was. Even long after he’d stopped being our gaffer, we’d see him around the place on plenty of match day’s. Always a “good to see you Alan, how’s the family”. He once talked my mesmorised son through the goal he scored for Villa in the league cup final. A centre back from forty yards but finishing the story with a wink and “the best shinned shot that was ever hit”.

He made us all feel ten foot tall. A genuine football man and a true gentleman. We as a club and town fell in love with him and he, for some reason, fell in love with us and our club. Everything he achieved in the game, yet he stayed in Walsall and until becoming too poorly remained a regular.

RIP gaffer.


R.I.P Legend

A true legend at every club he was involved with. I am lost for words this morning, if anyone deserved the phrase he gave us our Walsall back after those dark years of the early 90’s, it was Chris Nicholl.

RIP Chris


Very sad news, I loved the Saddlers under Chris and his legendary WM interviews after games. RIP Chris.


RIP Chris Nicholl. Condolences to his family and friends. Thanks for the good times, especially Bury away

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