Ripping things up

According to Joe Masi in the post match Excuse and Star video, Deano is " ripping things up" on the training ground and starting again!! There will be no more “jovial” tasks like “diving in puddles” when they’ve done something wrong, " it’s going to a tough week" They may even have their day off cancelled!!! And train in the afternoon for longer sessions!!! Bloody hell, does that mean the chocolate hob nobs will be replaced with " Asda malted milk" and the " Earl Grey tea changed to sharing a couple of tea bags!!! Surely this is a blatant disregard for human rights and civil liberties, Poor sods, the worlds gone mad😂

You are right …it has gone completely mad! if they are put through that they will turn up against Bradford totally knackered. I would give them most of the week off so they come to the game with minds unscrambled and fresh legs!!!

Guthrie takes his last chance to do this before DK bans the practice.

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Just shows he doesn’t have a clue or confidence in his methods.

Desperate stuff.


??? So he should just stubbornly stick to what isn’t working?

“Captain we are heading straight for that iceberg!” “Yes but I have confidence in my methods, change nothing and we will be absolutely fine!”

Ridiculous comparison

It’s not a comparison, I’m being sarcastic.

I don’t think the bloke has a clue to be honest. He’s already tried shouting, now he’s trying to get creative with reprimands. It smacks of a teacher who’s lost a class.

All a load of absolute bobbins.

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What do you suggest he does? Apart from walk out of his job?

Literally walk out of the job he’s clearly hopeless at.

That. Literally that.

Too much to ask for a sensible answer to that question then.

He’s a football manager, for the club he supports, who is supposed to just walk away rather than do the best job he can and, better yet, say “no thanks” to that pay off he gets if he stays and is sacked.

Yeah I’m sure we’d all just walk away too in that position :roll_eyes:

You asked for a suggestion, my suggestion. He’s crap and I think he should walk.
What he actually will do is another matter. I think he’ll need to be prized out of the club with a crowbar, but I’m certain that he’ll have to be, because he’s taking it down.

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I would prefer him to stop sounding like he doesn’t know what he is doing.
He comes across as desperate at a time when a calmer, more level headed appraisal is required.

Better say nothing and just get on with whatever he thinks will work.

I also said other than walk away because it’s not a sensible suggestion :man_shrugging:

Ah yes, the Whitney criticism. “He should just stop talking to the press and get on with it!”.

Like A) he has a choice and B) What he’s saying is completely unfair.

I gave my suggestion, based primarily on what’s best for the club.

I don’t have to adhere to anyone’s ‘rules of answering’ of what may or may not be allowed. My suggestion stands. He should walk. If he doesn’t we’re in league 2.

If what he is saying is crap, then yes.

Sit down. Ask himself how he did a decent job at his last club. See what he’s doing differently here. Stop doing it differently.

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Fair, but I strongly suspect he is doing what he did at non league Wrexham. It hasn’t worked here and he is looking to change it. Apparently that is another stick to beat him with.

It’s not though is it?