Rochdale (H) 2nd Feb, 3pm


■■■■■■■ brexit got a lot to answer for …


R…O…K on tommy.:grinning:


Definitely even the toilets were a pleasure compared to the ones I usually use which is not right . Spent a day with the more fortunate so to speak .


I think that is right…although they are useful players they don’t seem to gel so I would start with the QPR lad who has plenty of pace. Another option would be to play all three !!!


My ex wifes a physio, I once sent her CV in for the Sunderland job.


Yes I agree with that point. I have no idea at the minute what we are trying to do. We seem better away from home so perhaps it is fear of conceding at home that causes a sort of paralysis!!! We have the players to be comfortably mid table as they proved earlier in the season but in trying to improve the team by constant changes we have gone the other way. Today’s performance was so far removed from our performances just before Christmas against much better teams you would think it was a different team…but thats the problem it is a different team! I think a lot of this mess stems fro Martin’s arrival because since then DK seems to have lost confidence.


When’s JW coming back?


Have to say that was absolute garbage today, we cannot play football at all. We have to accept that we now need to win our next two games otherwise we are doomed. This has to be the biggest squad I have ever seen at Walsall, but isothere a team in there?
Only time will tell but all I can see is a team that has one direction, hoof it up front, no and B, 4-4-2, if I have not send it before non league players will being that football.
We seem to have selected a team of back room staff whom are not good enough for Div 1 or Div 3 as I know it, he needs to bring a better coach in that can see changes, we are so one dimensional its untrue, so was to play against
Can I blame the players, they do the work on the pitch, but are they tactically naive. Sorry Dean, to me, you will always be a Walsall legend in my eyes, that day in Swindon will remain, but you need to think, are my back room staff good enough. You have a tremendous opportunity, be ruthless or you will be out of work soon


Another observation to me is that we play better on a bigger pitch ? Bescot always seems so tight and congested.


There is no style in the team but alot of that comes from a simple lack of ability. We have too many crap players - proper crap who struggle with the basics of their roles.


Well @Gavin77 we could pull down the side stands to make the pitch wider because there’s certainly not many supporters gracing them now …

and it’s the chairman that’s tight , and the toilets that are congested … :wink:


Out of order

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What is ?

Thought you were on about the toilets …:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Swampy’s attack on El_Nombre


The thread was turning back to a match thread…


Better coaching would possibly help!!!
He can’t not take some blame!!!


Can we not have a thread where all you lot at each others throats can just go on and fall out ?


We have, it’s called the match thread :rofl:


And it never being his fault


Mods can you please explain why that comment was deleted ?
I am entitled to my opinion of other posters.
I apoligized for referring to him as a vagina.
I will continue to air my views regarding this idiot (that better ?).