Rochdale (H) 2nd Feb, 3pm


Its just a recurring theme of summer penny pinching, panic signings at the end of the first window, get to Christmas and realise half the squad is ■■■■ and then get more loans in.

Not a clue.


In which case, why was Fizzy getting splinters in his arse on the bench?


Apologies to all - that geezer just got squarely on my tits today. I can usually rise above lol.

How many home fans today? How many did Rochdale bring? Are we still around the 3.5k home fans mark? If this carries on how many early bird season tickets will we shift? If they bomb that surely means one thing for Deano?

I still blame Bonser for everything atm, but not being present at the games its hard to judge the manager.


I think there was about 200 away fans today?


The only quality we have is Jarvis. I spent the whole game hoping he’d get it and put one on Cooks head.

After that we have nothing really.


About 3.8k home today


That’s a question for the Manager.


Nail on the head there funk

Bonser saves the sackings for the early birds

I genuinely feel sorry for keates now we have all seen workmates who struggle and get into a tailspin that ends in a crash.

I think he’s started the downward spiral

Needs a win to save him from the early bird sacking ritual

Bonser out


As someone who went to the game unlike a number on here I have to ask the following:
Was it wise to bring Scarr into the defence after two decent away performances by the team?
Was it wise to play our right back on the wing?
Was it wise to retain the immobile Osbourne in CM at home?
Was it wise to leave until the 77th minute to bring Dobson on?
The answers to all those questions must be no so DK has to take responsibility for the defeat.That does not mean I want him sacked but things have to improve quickly if we are to get out of this mess.
Two positives…the goal from Edwards and the performance of Oteh when he came on. Also Ferrier did well whilst on the pitch but the link up with Cook isn’t working too well so perhaps Oteh will start next week.


100% certain Rowett is aiming higher than Walsall…


But in a lesser league …


A really good point we have lost 3 games recently(Today plus Plymouth and Scunthorpe) where the goalie has hardly had a save to make!! Usually when teams are struggling they are conceding lots of chances but we aren’t which makes it even more frustrating. On the other hand we are not creating much either. The answer surely lies in playing more football and playing as a team.


He was only there for the meal , saves on the electric at home see !


Sometimes the 100 miles up the M6 gives me time to get a bit of perspective. To calm down a bit and take a balanced view of the afternoon’s events.

I’ve done my hundred miles. I’ve had a lovely curry too. Decided on an Indian tonight. New chef at Momtaj who has taken it up a level. He’s doing something to those sheek kebab’s that he needs to patent.

Anyway, a bit of time and distance between full time and now. And I’ve got to say, that was ■■■■■■■ awful. Really bad. I’m not going to single any player or exempt any player because they all carry a responsibility for that shower of absolute ■■■■.

The person who bares most responsibility is Dean Keates. He is all over the place at the moment. Well, I say at the moment, he’s been all over the place for four months.

Pitiful dirge.


Yeah and i’m sure Matt Jarvis is as well but somehow hes at Walsall. Rowetts unemployed, get him in until the end of the season. Not impressed with keates at this juncture


There was an interesting post on Twitter about identity. It’s very difficult to identify what ‘style’ we’re trying to play - we’re not a passing or possession team, we’re not kick and rush, we don’t press, we don’t counter, we’re not bastards anymore… it’s all a bit bland.


Better than the food on offer in the rest of the ground? :open_mouth:


I was just about to ask how the Cook/Ferrier partnership worked today. From recent games, the evidence points to Cook performing better when partnered by a different striker.

Sounds like the subs made an impact so hopefully Oteh may start with Cook next time out.


Comon Geordie you know as well, probably more, than most; Bonser is not going to pay that kind of money to get anyone in, in any position. It aint happening!

Which begs the question; if Keates does go, what kind of cut price replacement are we going to get (again)?


Who is our physio at the moment ? :wink: