Rochdale (H) 2nd Feb, 3pm


I wouldn’t call for his head even if we go down, but would consider it a poor performance by him. History shows, however, that Boner normally needs a scapegoat.
He may not even last until the end of the season if results don’t improve over the next two to three weeks.


Ok. I have read all the comments on the thread. A question…

Apart from the owner, management, coaching staff, players, playing style, tactics, match day experience , stadium facilities , atmosphere and today’s result, is everyone happy with the way everything else is going?


Funny in general but on a serious note, if it’s all going to pot then the man at the top has to stand up and take some responsibility (it won’t happen of course)


He will most likely do what he always does in this situation. Sack the manager.


Exactly what I said earlier in the week…


If Deano was sacked, and i was a manager out there looking for a job i would still tell bonzo to ■■■■ off


Surely we’ve hit the stage now where Devlin, Guthrie, Osbourne and ■■■■■■■ Leahy are ‘rested’. They’ve had so many chances.

We look down to me. May as well change it up.


Whitney was sacked not long after he signed players on the January window last year.


Yep - typical JB


But why does DK keep picking them - I don’t get it ???

For the first time in 40 years I really dislike my club.
We were so bad today it’s not fun or funny anymore.
This rally is one of the worst teams I have ever seen here and for some reason our current manager keeps picking them ?
Someone told me earlier we have 34 players in this squad, god know how many we have used and I have absolutely no idea of it ‘style’of play ??


Problem is that they are obviously not very good but add to that there is no character in the squad either. Poor teams can be dragged forward with a bit of desire and organisation. We haven’t got the brains or balls to do that.


What I can’t get my head around is why does Keates keep picking players Whitney signed over the ones he signed himself, an example would be Guthrie, Leahy, Devlin, etc…today was dreadful and no better than the Whitney era, either get someone in to help Keates (get rid of all the back room staff that have made things worse) or sack him because if nothing is done we will be in League 2.


As I said no direction , no commitment, no game plan , no desire, no confidence , no continuity, no tempo . no kinnsella, . Could keep on going …The heat is on deano sort it out now please UTS


Today the pace reaked of relegation,

Stale owner, Stale club, stale stadium, stale board, stale manager, stale tactics


Is that Latin.


Good point you need characters and we are lacking badly in this department. Even Rochdale today they had that and in my opinion a very good manager. Who could do a job at a higher level . They wanted it more than us . Sure that is in the main part down to there boss and coaching staff.


Barba Tenus Sapientes :wink:


Biggus Dickus :face_with_hand_over_mouth:




I went today, so my thoughts.

Observation: I think as a team we are so cautious in our mind set! A problem I could see was our defence never really pushes up right near the half way line when we have possession. This means that we have to much space between our lines, we are unable to restrict an opposition team. Rochdale played long to their big number 9, over over again, he seemed to target Lehy and win the ball every time. By pushing right up we could have potentially frustrated Rochdale’s long ball to Number 9 more. I would like us to take a risk, be aggressive and set up so as soon as we get possession we push our centre halves right up near the halfway line.

Zonal marking at corners, it is absolute chaos in there every time, it made me uncomfortable to watch. I was glad the sun was in my eyes half the time.

Selections: I love Deano and always will but… as a lot of you have said, the Villa youngster looked really good and immediately Rochdale put 3 players on to him when he got the ball. Devlin is not a winger and will never be, to start a defender as a winger in a home game is shocking. As many have said, Guthrie is not even Conference level in my opinion, I would prefer the Johnson the Wolves (spit) youngster, he showed real composure when distributing possession from defence. Don’t laugh at me but I actually thought he reminded me a bit like John Stones of Man City (obviously not the same calibre but style yes), Guthrie should only be on the bench at best. Osbourne… where to begin, I can’t fault his effort, he really tried, but for me its the physical side of the game, he doesn’t seem fit enough to be a league player, we needed at home exactly what Dobson brought to the team when he came on, energy, determination, persistence, dogged characteristics. Osbourne should be at best on the bench to be brought on near the end of a game when your trying to see out a win. To be fair Lehy didn’t seem to bad today, but what I would say is he seemed to be hiding today, not wanting the ball, not crossing the ball in but passing to Jarvis every time, which I believe stems from the Scunthorpe game, he threw loads of crosses in and got berated when it went wrong.

New signings: I’ve only seen Norman play once, but I was not filled with confidence after today and the thought of a 2 year contract fills me with Lehy / Devlin deja vu feeling. Scarr, I could see he was trying to be vocal and organise the defence, what I did feel was he looked a none league player when it came to distribution out from the back, long ball aimless, unsuccessful passes, that bypassed our midfield altogether, I could see him looking up and trying, don’t get me wrong. The villa youngster and the QPR forward looked very promising. The QPR striker leads me onto a touchy subject, Andy Cook. We all love Cooky, but I have to say every player if they aren’t playing well or tactically being played out the game (today I thought Rochdale had him under their thumb the entire game) they should be substitutable. I would have kept on Ferrier, who looked sharp and would have taken off Cooky, Think about the prospect of the QPR striker and Ferrier, the pace would scare teams. I think because Cooky has been more reliable its made us a one dimension able team. Those 2 pacey strikers would really give opposition teams something to think about.

Finally, Rochdale gamesmanship tactics. Keith Hill, as much as it pains me to say this, showed how an experience manager can manipulate a game and home crowd. The big number 9 target man all the game. The time wasting, the feigning injuries. He did a job on us. It looked like he made a substitution around the 60 minute mark and put an extra man in midfield, it sometimes looked like a diamond formation, their number 7 changed how the second half went. Keith Hill showed all his experience.

I have to agree with what a lot of people have already put, questions need to be asked about Deano, I think we will be relegated this year as much as I hate to say it. My message to Deano for the next game would be, be brave, play the Villa youngster and find a place for the QPR striker, drop Guthrie, Osbourne, Devlin and Lehy and be aggressive because this negative mindset is going to see us relegated. Go out with a fight. Push the defence right up to the half way line when we have possession.

Sorry for the long post.