Rochdale (H) 2nd Feb, 3pm


Err is that Latin ? :stuck_out_tongue:


5 hours on and I still cannot believe or fathom how any manager can seriously think Nicky Devlin is the best option on the right wing.

Zeli has been crap for large parts of the season, but is he really any worse than a crap full back? Is Kouyar any worse? More importantly, is Keiron morris a better option? Absolutely.

I’d have thought the better option would be to have Laird left back, Leahy wide left, and Jarvis on the right?

How Kinsella was dropped from the squad is also beyond me.


First half we weren’t at the races. Only positive was Edwards’ impression of Kinkladze and a neat finish.

First time I’ve seen our 2 new defenders but they didn’t fill me with confidence.

I like Devlin but he seemed clueless as to where he was playing. A kind of no man’s land position.

Cook and Jarvis weren’t at their best and Osbourne should be behind Dobson and Kinsella for CM pecking order.

The QPR and Villa guys looked very positive but our concerted effort was too little too late. Thought we deserved a point but expected a lot more from us today.

3 points off the drop zone now. September seems a long time ago when we dared to dream of a Ray Graydon-esque season.


I honestly think we will benefit by the latest additions, and that we will survive in league 1, but the one thing i despair of is the fact that it just perpetuates the money machine that keeps bonzo at the club :tired_face:


Is there something in the contracts of Guthrie, Devlin and Leahy that they have to be in the starting 11 if available for selection?!


Hurts me to say it because i really like the bloke but maybe this job has come too soon for him?we all know why Bonser gave him the job it was to boost early bird sales and quash the unrest that was once again building at the time and it worked as usual.Why are we in this position? far too many panic signings and a lack of genuine quality and experience at this level throughout the squad.Rochdale have Inman Clough and Henderson a wealth of experience at this level and it showed today.


Joke fan.


Quote from Deano in the suppress and scar:

‘’We were a little bit nervy if I’m honest, the whole place seems a little bit anxious. We were a little bit bitty, we weren’t good enough in possession of the football."

Too many little bits going wrong end up making a big mess Deano and the job of the manager and his staff is to train this stuff out of the players (nerves, anxiety!) what do you do all week???

If you’re not careful Deano you’ll be playing into JB’s hands admitting this stuff!


Devlin tracking back for their 2nd goal.
I have never seen a professional footballer move so slowly and if that is the atitude running through the team we are in a lot of trouble.
I am on 65 year old dodgy knees and can move faster than that.


Shambolic, legend or local lad I don’t care! There was a 50 second clip of his post match interview on Twitter and 50 mins wouldn’t be enough to pull it apart with the rubbish spouted. Like others have said, Whitney would have been crucified for this, and in my view Keates should be getting the same. 11 days to prepare for this game and what did we see, zonal marking first half then man marking in second! No wonder we concede like we do if that’s how we chop and change after preparing for 11 days.

I would just like to have an inkling of what his plan is, even a photo of something scribbled on a beer mat might give me some hope, alas I think I’ll be waiting a while.


My Dad took me to Walsall FC then I took myself for 20+ years, then in turn I took my son; the club ■■■■■■ that up good and proper as they have for many other fans.

Do you know who will be the first there protesting for a positive change? Me! Who posted originally about the terrible ticket and matchday experience hoping for a positive change? Me!

If thats what you call a joke fan, then so be it. I don’t have to care and post on here at all about the shambles that our club is fast becoming, I can give up and apathetically drift away like so many others have until there are just 500 season ticket holders left and you are watching us play Solihull Moors for a local derby.


Decided to go last minute as my son managed to get some free tickets for troops…
Wish I hadn’t bothered, from the first minute you could see that Rochdale were up for it quicker to the ball, simple pass and move totally opening up our none existent defence.
We were so slow at closing down it was embarrassing…
No idea why we have resorted to zonal marking for corners, the players didn’t know what they were meant to be doing.
New centre back and right back looked nervous and just hoofed the ball anywhere, felt a bit sorry for the right back as Devlin was all over the place and is never a winger.
The 2 youngsters that came on changed the game and ran at Rochdale causing them problems but the ball just didn’t drop in the last 5 minutes
I’m afraid we were beaten because they had a good coach with a game plan that worked and we were hopeless just lumping long balls to cook who had 2 or 3 defenders around him ever time.
One other point, throw ins! I think we gave the ball away 90% of the time just trying to throw the ball down the line to cook who had 3 players around him, why can’t we try something different.
Rant over I won’t 've going back any time soon.


There was one point where Edwards said to Leahy “why don’t you try going to feet and back instead of doing the same thing over and over again, it’s not working ffs”


Well said funk, echoes what a lot of fans think, it’s the old saying " if things don’t change it will stay the same"


Playing a fullback on the wing against a team in the relegation zone that has been conceding for fun? Strange decision.

I’d love to know why Guthrie seems to be first name on the team sheet too. He came to us from a Crewe team that conceded huge amounts of goals - he’s basically spent his whole career as part of leaky back line and probably doesn’t know any different!

Just two wins in last 16 league games. I’ve seen some on turning on Keates now, but I just don’t have the energy, if he goes a replacement comes in and the cycle starts again. Even finishing in the top half is looking increasingly beyond the means and ambition of this football club.

But at least the rent will be payed on time…


I was there yesterday and that was garbage football, not impressed with either Norman or Scarr and it’s crying out for an holding midfielder just to protect the back four, so do we go to a 3 at the back and play the extra man in midfield and this long ball to Cook’s being worked out after 5 mins of a game it’s so predictable, and agree don’t understand what Kinsella’s done wrong not to be in the squad, plus the Ref was so poor AGAIN


A note on Guthrie, since breaking into the Crewe team he’s been part of defences that have conceded 80, 75, 83, 67, and 66 goals respectively.

Keep conceding at our current rate and we will finish the season having conceded 72.

This guy is our apparent defensive lynch-pin, yet his entire career has been spent as part of terrible defences.

I know it’s not just one player’s fault, but when a player with a record like that is your main man it’s no wonder the defence is garbage.


And yet keates continues to play him, completely putting to bed the ridiculous theory that everything will be fine once we get rid of Whitney’s players,since keates has already signed 4 different centre halves yet Guthrie always retains his place.

As you say, the issue isn’t one player, it’s the way we’re setting up tactically. That issue rests with one person.


Yesterday they had 2 shots on goal and scored 2.

I’m wondering which one was Guthrie’s fault and which was Leahy’s?


IT’S A MESS!!! Ownership wise,manager wise,playing staff wise.Ownership;we all know what a mess that is,the other problems at the club may well help Bonser to camouflage the ownwership problem,unless WSFC keep pushing no matter what.Manager;We are getting into the same situation as we were with Jon Winless,Keates is bringing in players,tying them to the club with 2.5 year contracts, therefore tying the hands of any new manager with players he doesn’t want,a la Devlin/Leahy.Playing staff; we have so many new players now,they can not possibly have time to gel with eachother,or even have time for Keates to get to know them all well enough to see who is his best starting 11,he would need a pre season to find that out,and he hasn’t got the luxury of that.I really do hope he manages to get the team playing well before it’s too late,but it’s looking less and less likely unfortunately.