Ronan Arjun Maher (RAM) - 2025

Glad we’ve got him on a long term contract let’s just hope he turns out to be a Rico and not a Mitch Candlin. As someone else said find it a bit weird that his dad carries around signed photos to hand out, just hope it doesn’t go pear shaped and a Kieron Morris’ mom situation occurs again


Thought he came over really well in his interview on this. So long as he believes in what he said rather than it just being good media training has he will go a long way and have us right behind him.

I know what people mean about the suit, sort of says
I know this is an important discussion with the club and shows the club respect.

I wish nothing but the best for the lad, not just for our benefit but because it seems like he’s earned it through hard work and doing the right thing (Saddlers and Black Country values).

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It’s a positive move,there’s no doubt the kid can play football and I’m sure Flynn will keep his feet on the ground.He’s already getting game time here and the right amount of that at the right times will keep him progressing, hopefully into a player we can make a few quid on because let’s be honest that’s the long term goal for the club.

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Good lad. Best of luck to him.


All the best to him. Glad it’s a long term contract

Excellent news

What would we be happy with ? - assists in getting us promotion this season, then we sell for £2 - 3M (if a big club comes in and we have no chance of keeping him) think I’d be happy with that - then use the money for towards staying in league 1 before a decent assault on that

Yeah that would be good but if he improves like I think he can a20% sell on clause is a must for the club


A bit premature to start talking about sell on clauses. Let him learn his trade first. He is an exciting prospect, easily the best since Rico Henry, but lots of young players who show great promise don’t go on to have great careers.

Very pleased to see him in the starting line-up today and hope it is the first of many. By the way, from the name Arjun does he have Indian Hindu heritage?


Mom is Asian.

Looks like the lad could get us the Freehold on his own…

You got your wish

Tough afternoon for him.

Looked like he got injured by the ball at one point. I thought he did ok.

I thought that he produced some good football but the lad has a lot to learn i just hope there is someone at the club that can mentor him

Good spot, i thought the same. And what a coincidence (or not) that he was lucky enough to sign his first contract on Janmashtami, the day celebrating the appearance of Krishna. An auspicious day indeed!

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As a first start, it was ok. In the commentary (home one) was something about his attitude, but it doesn’t matter. A long road before him to be the next superstar, or an important part of the first team, I understand his looks can be pissing off other people, but that’s the dark side of choosing idols. At least he has some quality, so it’s a good starting point. Now only work, to turn promise into real quality.

The name Rohan, although the Irish also lay claim to it, is of Indian/Sanskrit origin. There are lots of Indians with the name, including Rohan Bopanna who a few years ago was a very good tennis player, mainly doubles. Sunil Gavaskar named his son Rohan, and of course there was the great batsman Rohan Kanhai, who was the first player of Indian origin to captain the Windies.


And Rohan Keating is Irish.

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I’m sure he is. :confused: