Ronan Arjun Maher (RAM) - 2025

But he is called Ronan, which according to Google is an Irish name meaning “little seal”. The surname is Irish, coming mainly from Tipperary and sometimes spelt Meagher.


Oh well, in that case I’m an idiot. I genuinely thought his name was Rohan, that’s what I’ve thought it was since he first appeared. Oooops.
Shall we forget this ever happened?
Or I could argue for dozens of posts for the next few hours that I’m right and try to get everyone to agree that his name actually is Rohan and has been all along. :laughing:


Or go for a diversionary reference to Brexit or Covid.

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Or start arguing about whether Leo Kinsella should be in the team.

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But it wouldn’t be an argument, just an ‘ongoing discussion’!!:wink:

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Should this subject be dropped?

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I have no interest if he makes himself look like Grealish but I do have concerns about him getting booked twice already this season. He is undoubtedly a great prospect and a bit of confidence is a good thing but he has to channel it into his play and not into his attitude on the pitch.

It is not unreasonable to think he might be running our midfield by the end of the season but it’s also possible he might get a few suspensions.


And from that whether Leo Sayer deserves a bit more respect on his name. Like many others, did chart success undermine his credibility?

At college, Leo Sayer used to mean “all dayer”. Not sure that is official Cockney rhyming slang or whether it was a strange Ormskirk thing.

Anyway - if by 7pm you were off your face you’d probably been on a “Leo”. Last day of terms tended to be “Leo’s” too.


One of those facts that is still tucked away from years of doing or setting pub quizzes is that Leo isn’t his real name, it’s actually Rohan. No, I jest, it’s actually Gerard. I don’t know if he chose Leo or it was a family nickname from when he was little.

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Is a foo fighter an all nighter?

Maybe in 2022. It definitely wasn’t in 1990.

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I find as I get older I increasingly prefer a Vera Lynn. Or a quiet night in, as others call it.


Nah, it’s injured.

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I was going to put that earlier but I personally thought EN had done his time on that one :smiley:

I think you mean rested.


RAM (Initials)
Ronan (NOT Rohan)

Father - Irish decent
Mother - Indian decent

Ronan is Irish name (Ronan Keating example)
Arjun is Indian name, (One of the great warriors)
Maher stems from Co.Tipperary (Roscrea)

Maher pronounced:
Ma-her in Ireland
May-er in England*

Called RAM from early age, due to initials on training kit

RAM comes from a Futsal background, before joining academy football thru Villa, WBA and at Walsall since 12.

Qualifies to represent England, Ireland or India

Happy at Walsall !


I had a lad in my class last year with the surname Maher. Based on working with a colleague in the past with the same surname, I pronounced it May-er as i had done with her, but he quickly picked me up on it and said it was pronounced ‘Mar’ as in Andrew Marr, the political tv presenter. :man_shrugging:

Against Stevenage, it sounded to me like our new stadium announcer was pronouncing it as Ma-rer.

Don’t suppose there is a video clip of him introducing himself?

Pointless playing the kid if we persist with hoofing it over his head all game clearly has abilty though.


Or you could just take J9JDM’s word for it? :wink:

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