Seems there’s some conflicting views on him, one poster in the match thread says send him back to the Dingles, another says he should start next game…

I’ll like to see him get a run of starts now. I get the feeling though it will only happen if there’s a change of formation. Seems he’s a similar type to Ozzy so number 10 in the 4-5-1 position?

Freshen things up a little.

I thought he looked good when he came on personally, showed some good touches and was tidy with his passing. I’m just unsure how he would fare against bigger, more physical teams. He has shown a willingness to get stuck in, but may be a little to small to start certain games?

I was the one on the match thread that critised him and said send him back to Wolves. I’ve seen him against Burton, Barnsley and Doncaster today, he doesn’t seem to create anything or add anything that our own youngsters (the likes of Kinsella and Khouyar) wouldn’t. He definetly shouldn’t be on set pieces, how many times did he cross the ball from set pieces today and last week and not find anyone? We’ve got an aerial striker in Cook and he never finds him…

I certainly would not start him a 4-4-2…he found it very difficult to get in the game today when he came on but in the last 10 minutes he played some passes of real quality. There is a player there but like a lot of players he is very inexperienced. I understand he played well in a 5 in midfield at Barnsley last week and maybe we will do that next week at Oxford.

I’d only play him in a midfield 3, looks tidy, neat and with good vision - but that can only really be brought out in a 3. Doesn’t really have the qualities needed to play in a 2 man midfield with Dobson.


I’d argue Ronan wasn’t the issue today. Whether he was injured or unfit Osbourne didn’t cut it today and a better replacement in a midfield that was losing second balls and misplacing simple passes would have been Kinsella.

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I am not sure what Kinsella has done wrong. Every time I have seem him this season he has impressed me, and I think he deserves a run in the side.

Ronan looked a good player against Burton, and did all right when he came on today once he had settled in. He reminds me very much of a young Dean Keates, but with perhaps a bit more composure. He is a ball winner, he can tackle, he can pass and he can carry the ball forward.

Osbourne needs a period on the bench. After a bright start in his first matches he has looked unfit and uninterested, strolling around the pitch, only occasionally getting involved. Nowhere near the involvement in the game of Dobson. He was not looking for the ball when we were in possession, he did not even make himself available to receive the ball from a throw in - he was just coasting around marking empty space, and while he was often unmarked his teammates seemed reluctant to pass to him.

I think that either Kinsella or Ronan would be fine as part of a centre midfield two with Dobson.

Don’t rate him, rather stick Kinsella in there at least he’ll stick a foot in.

exactly this not a game for him yesterday with the formation.

In our last two home games we’ve had problems in central midfield. Dobson has been excellent but he just can’t do it on his own. For me, Osbourne hasn’t got the fitness levels to be part of a midfield two, certainly not yet anyway. You can get away with it to a certain extent when playing against another 4-4-2, but when the opposition have an extra body in the middle, we really struggle.

Ronan gave us a bit more when being on the ball, but we looked ridiculously open when Osbourne wet off. As others have said, a midfield three would suit both of them, much like how we set up at Barnsley where they looked better. It gives Ronan more chance to get on the ball, and takes away the reliance on Osbourne to cover ground.

Kinsella probably gives us a better balance as a partner to Dobson

I would agree with that.

To blame Ronan coming on for us losing yesterday is ridiculous. We’d lost our heads after the penalty in the first half. The people shouting for Kinsella are missing the point. Ronan is an attacking Midfielder, Kinsella Osbourne and Dobson are all defensive. The idea is to give us another option, not to be better at those defensive jobs. Dobson is the best midfielder in the team but he’s not going to create much. In half an hour yesterday Ronan played the pass of the game to Ismail that gave us our best chance.

I’m not even going to acknowledge that Kouyar is as good an option. Crazy.


Just posted on the match thread, good player but needs to be played in the right system.

“Send him back”

We don’t half have some thick fans.

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Insane what I’m reading on here , it was only a week ago that the lad put in a good performance away to Barnsley!

Not to mention the solid performance against Burton in his two starts.

Chucked on with half an hour to a go in a game where the whole team lost their head and their shape completely though and it’s all his fault and he needs to go back :roll_eyes:

Can only think it’s because he’s a dingle.

You should have seen some on Twitter when we signed the two. Some people have refused to go to a game since signing them because they’re “Dingles”. ■■■■■■■ madness. As far am I’m concerned, if they’re wearing a Walsall shirt they’re Saddlers/Gypos/Scutters, whatever people call us and they have my support.


Spot on with that comment.

It’s a ridiculous attitude. For a start, Ronan is a 20-year-old kid from Rochdale so he’s more likely a United fan than a dyed-in-the-wool Dingle and even if he was, so what? Liam Roberts is from Willenhall, what’s the betting he watched the Wolves as a kid? If so would supporters want to get rid of him?

As long as a player improves the Walsall team I couldn’t give a toss where they’ve come from.


Great technical ability, not a great level of presence.

Think he would be brilliant as part of a three - where Osbourne is the sitting midfielder.