Rory Gaffney Signs

Season long loan.

I think that sums up our ambition , hope a couple more follow.

“He is decent. Runs the channels very well and works hard. Does a lot of the ugly stuff well. Can finish when he has to. Give him a chance”

The expression “damned with feint praise” comes to mind :joy:

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Very poor result today and now this underwhelming news. My optimism is wearing very thin now.

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Very disappointed with DC, thought more of him.
He is just filling this ever increasing squad with also ran’s.
Keats all over again?
Why do we get this kind of bloke when Grimsby get Hanson, guaranteed 20 goals a season, he will score more than our ‘forwards’ on his own!

That may not be the case Mazza. We don’t know the details of the sale. LP may have had to empty his pockets to wrench the club off the leech. It’s way to early to judge the ambition of the owner.

I think it’s clear though that we have a bunch of mediocre league 2 players. Hopefully we have a manager that can make the whole, better than the sum of its parts.


Ye I didn’t mean it as an attack on LP, More in general as to where the team will finish his season.

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Because they will the wages required, we won’t

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The Salford fans are not happy, have alook at their facebook page

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Are you surprissed, If he cant get in salfords team why the hell is he gunna get in ours? That bit of ambition looks a bit lost from the club there unless they all know summat we dont

They aren’t happy as in they’ve lost a good player. A player that our fans have already doubted.


Can anybody remember the days when we used to sign players like Tyler Roberts on loan.
Already seems like a very long time ago.

About as uninspiring as you could possibly get.

And why’s that ?? Because his goal scoring record is not great and we are desperate for goals.

Christ people are entitled to be underwhelmed you know.

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Hardworking, chips in with a couple of goals and Clarke knows him well. What’s not to like?


What’s not to like !!! Are you being serious. We have a squad full of league 2 and conference rejects. We don’t need anymore.

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I’d like the goals to be more than a couple tbh. That description could be Adebayo, let’s hope he offers something different.

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Ohhhhh 11 goals in the national league. Sure he will rip this division apart and can’t get into a team in this division.

Tin pot

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I wish the lad well, Salford don’t sign many mugs and their fans rate him. We were expecting this until people started putting Matty Taylor in our heads, but look at this sensibly and he could be a good signing.
However, the timing of the announcement is an absolute shocker, what were the club thinking releasing this 5 minutes a 3:1 home loss!?


Give the lad a chance. He hasn’t even kicked a ball for us yet. Loads of people were slagging off Holden pre-season and when we signed him. Today and against Forest Green he was one of our best players.