Rory training with vale

Ah! didn’t realise that mate cheers and to you @DavidWFC for responding :+1:t2:

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Good for him. He can steal a living elsewhere.


I was just having a chuckle to myself, thinking about all the fans who were pinning their hopes on his return, and how it was going to transform our fortunes on the pitch :joy:

Doubt it pal, The Patent Shaft closed in 1980…

To be perfectly honest, I had already written Holden off. I really wish Rory well. If history (his) is anything to go by he will play a game or two for Vail and injure himself again.
On the plus side, we needed to unload a player to two in order to bring others (strikers) in.

White , Mayo & Kiernan all surplus to requirements currently.
Glad to see that the ghost of ‘Holden the saviour’ coming back to save us has now gone for good.

You just know he’s gonna get fit now and play 40 games + a season. Just watch.

Are they ? I don’t agree. We need a decent sized squad to compete at the top end. If the 2 defenders go it leaves us with just 3 fit centre backs for 3 positions!!! Unlike others I think Kiernan is a useful player at this level and even when we sign 2 more forwards he will be needed as back up.

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Bollocks to him now mate used us for a wage while being crocked.

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For all we know Flynn may well off not been interested in him especially with two rocks on the books

He was invited back to show what he could do, but it appears he is only doing running drills apparently so in my eyes he appears to be behind where we expected him to be.
Shame I would have liked a fully fit Rory in our team. But we can’t afford to wait for him to play catch up. He would have known this so can understand him calling in a favour from DC wish him all the best, we move on.


Can’t see where White and Mayo are surplus to requirements (maybe either/or could be, at a real push). Flynn has stated he wants two players for every position, and with three at the back, if taken literally that means six centre halves. With McEntee unlikely to be up to speed for a little while, we’re already down to five.

Were we to jettison both White and Mayo and (say) Daniels were to get a straight red against Hartlepool, we’re reduced to playing silly buggers with formations, with no backup for the players in the first XI to boot, before August has even started.

As much as his form nosedived in the second half of last season, you’re not likely to get a better second-backup than Mayo in League Two.


For what it’s worth I don’t believe he’d have come back the same player, we’ve got a player called Hutchinson who we signed that I believe will more than fill his boots.


Also we have loans to use if needed as well as trialist AB and C

At the end of the season, Flynn made a comment about Holden and doing things the 'right way", which sounded to me like he was prepared to “manage” Holden out of the club if there was no sign of Holden making a speedy return to full fitness. I get the impression that Flynn is impatient and would not want to be carrying 3 long term absentees. I wish Holden the very best and hope he can earn a living from his chosen profession. At this moment in time the decision is best for all parties, especially WFC. If we were a comfortabley placed League 1 club we may have looked at it differently, but we are not and we a are long way off being that…


We didn’t offer him anything did we?

Why are people angry.


All the best to him, unfortunately I can see Fail getting a player there for some reason and getting him right. I really wouldn’t want us agreeing another contract with him, when he had been out so long… it wouldn’t make sense IMO.

They gave us a crock in Rodney…nice of us to repay the favour!

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They should be, for taking Rodney off their hands.

Don’t get the vitriol on here.

Makes perfect sense to me. Flynn never saw Rory play, Clarke has. Vale probably offered him what he was looking for in the short term with a manager he knows.

Flynn can’t afford another crocked player, especially when he has so many new players to get to Gel.

Wish Rory all the best, one of the few players in recent seasons to get me out my seat.