Round 2

Always the worst round, less non-league teams than round 1, and a defeat away from beating yourself up about missing a juicy tie in round 3.

Who do you want?

Alvechurch at home would be cracking, so it’ll undoubtedly be Portsmouth away or summat.

Anyone at home.

The draw I dread is MK away.


Would personally prefer alvechurch away

Fylde, Weymouth or Buxton away would be great too.

If it has to be a league team. Derby.

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Shrewsbury at Home, or any non league team at home

Torquay if they beat Derby tomorrow

Crap team at home so we get a big boy for the first time In bloody ages
I’ve never been anfield or old Trafford let’s make it happen !

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A winnable tie so we can dream about a plum 3rd round draw…and get Millwall away instead.

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Shrews away or Alvechurch at home .They took 1700 to Cheltenham today

Great and unexpected result today. Non-league team at home please.

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A nice home draw that gives us a real chance of being in the hat with the big boys would do very nicely.

Flynn wants a home draw so a winnable game at home please, can’t remember the last time I witnessed us in the hat for the 3rd round.

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Nice shitty crap team at home please.


Port Vale got knocked out today :frowning:


Fylde or Buxton away from a selfish perspective but home tie against a non-league side to have most of the juicy R3 tie and making some munaaaaaay!

A nice seaside away fixture so that we can make a weekend out of it :smiley:

Kings Lynn away anyone?

No thanks. Wouldn’t mind them at home though.

Weymouth or Torquay away if they win there respective ties.

I thought the same! Swore I would never go there again after last season, dreadful place

How about Chippenham Town? We played them in 2006, when Merson signed their striker, James Constable. Which UTSer thought for ages afterwards that we were wrong to let him leave for Kiddy?

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