Rushall Olympic fans

Anyone else seen stuff online about some of our fans going there instead and turning there back on Walsall? I find it a bit concerning they see it as a better option these days how far have we fallen? Some of the reasons given are better matchday experience they feel there support is valued and felt took for granted at Walsall fc.These are lifelong fans as well not casual ones

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Its their choice but i could never turn my back on Walsall. Its in my blood.
We have had a terrible 5 years and I can understand people not going so often but I could never give up my love for the Saddlers its a life sentence.


I couldn’t do it either tbh Rushall have been my second team for about 30 years but they’ll never come before Walsall


Some of our fans ? Yeah about 5 of them even though Bowsie drinks enough for 10 . Don’t know 100% the reasoning behind it if it’s for hospitality and being made to feel welcome that’s fair enough if it’s because they think they are going to watch a successful team on the pitch they are misjudged Rushall have got rid of half a dozen player’s and replaced them with equal if not worse player’s “sound familiar” they’ve got probably less of a chance of making the play offs in that league than we have in ours they always finish between 7th -12th , Each to their own one bit of advice I’d give to anyone doing it though is don’t burn your bridge’s slagging off the club that represents this town , Mr Bowse.


I seem to recall this was mentioned a few years back. I know people who go and watch Rushall and the main reason is that it costs a lot less than watching League football and for about 5 years we have not had many good games at Bescot. I wouldn’t do it but I can understand some who do. Walsall FC needs a run of success including some cup runs to raise our profile again.


As Otiswfc says, isn’t it just 5-6 (max) vocal fans? It is their choice, leave them to it. I would never change my colours, never, ever.

Certainly not worthy of a thread.


no club would ever replace Walsall but when the club keep delivering such crap I totally get why you’d go and watch a non league team for ur football fix. It’s just a decent crack and you can enjoy a nice beer on the terrace while watching the game. At least rushall represent the town. It would be a lot worse if they went and followed a football league team. I haven’t done it myself but Walsall keep tempting me

I support the badge and my hometown, not the owner, not the chief exec etc. Could never turn my back on this club no matter what.


Good riddance.


I wasn’t aware people felt so strongly they’d stop supporting the club that’s the only reason I’ve started a thread on it.

People can do what they want on their weekend, not arsed, but people went from Walsall home and away to ‘f*** Walsall’ very quickly. That’s what I find odd.

And also the fact you’re not just turning your back on the club but the people you see week in week out, it’s when all those familiar faces stop going that I would pack it in because seeing the same people of a weekend matters more than who is chairman or on the board at Walsall.

Each to their own though.


It’s not the first time these fans have departed to go to Rushall. They returned a few months later. Not sure that is something that can be repeated without losing face,?


No offence but if they can flip flop like that they aren’t real fans its not something i could or would do.


I stopped putting regular money in to the club a long time ago (more so the back end of the Bonser era)

I stopped putting any money in to the club when our chairman thought it was ok to dice with us being a non league club and kept Dutton

I’m not supporting anyone else I’ve watched Rushall Hednesford, Walsall Wood & Halesowen since things “got back to normal” with being allowed in to grounds

Walsall don’t see us as customers that’s why they’re able to mug us off. Fans are viewed as less than customers because they are in the most part loyal. The club openly mugs off its loyal customers


I like a bit of non-league footie and have done for years but it is “as well as” rather than “instead of” watching Walsall. I don’t do Away matches anymore, so I might go to a local game, but not if Walsall were at Home.
If people want to go elsewhere that is up to them. I know we lost a lot of support around January 2008, and some of those went to Rushall, Chasetown or wherever.

If fans are drifting away, I don’t have a problem with it on a personal level and it wouldn’t affect a friendship , however, Pomlett, Mole etc should have a massive problem with it, and should be trying to find out why it is, and what can be done to arrest the drift.


Manor Hospital born, WS2 raised. Why would I support a club from such distant, exotic climes?


Speaking as someone with feet in both camps (shareholder/season ticket holder of WFC + committee member at ROFC), I will still be a supporter of both clubs but I can understand the feelings of those who have switched their allegiance. It is less to do with the attraction of Dales Lane, although Rushall have done their best to make it a friendly welcoming experience, but more to do with the negative experiences of WFC over the last few seasons. We all must know that the club has shot itself in the foot on numerous occasions in terms of its relationships with its loyal supporters, the start of this season being a typical example. We all also know that the seeds of discontent were sown by the leech when he was Chairman.

It doesn’t have to be an “either-or” situation. You can follow another club even if the Saddlers will always be first in your heart. If you can’t get to a Walsall away match or they have no game, why not go to a local non-league game? You will always be welcome at Rushall and there are other senior non-League clubs in the Borough of Walsall, such as Sporting Khalsa, Walsall Wood, Darlaston Town, etc.


I get it and don’t get it all at once.

My equivalent is Marine. Nearly 1,200 there on Monday. The new bar facility (thankyou FA Cup!) doing marvellous trade as it dispensed local ales alongside the usual and local food, most notably via a barbecue. All manned by volunteers who were working with smiles on their faces. You’d have known something was going on there from around midday as people started rocking up early to take advantage of the new facility and the things it offered. And then once inside, the freedom to stand or sit. All for half the price of a ticket at Walsall. The football, not of the same quality but not a million miles off.

As an experience it would knock the Bescot one into a cocked hat. If I had no allegiance it would genuinely be a no brainer in terms of where my next football match would be. If there is a similar feeling at Rushall I get it.

Fortunately or unfortunately, it all runs a bit deeper than that. You can’t change family just because another one seems to be having a better time. What you can do is see how they are having a better time and try to influence what yours does.


I get why you’d go and watch a local non team if Walsall were away but to stop going to Walsall games after decades to watch another team and not only that to then criticize the club you’ve followed for year’s is beyond me, I think a certain (EX) Walsall FC fan Just likes to feel as though he’s important, for anyone who wants to know who I’m talking about have a look at the Rushall Olympic twitter :rofl::+1:🤦