Rushworth to Barca!

Hadn’t Barcelona already made enquiries about him whilst he was still at Brighton?

Apparently made enquiries before yes.

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Best start planning for his exit.

This is why I’m concerned about this ‘squad building’.

Most of our best players are on loan.


Think the complexion of this season would already be very different was it not for Rushworth, so he’s both an excellent signing and a massive loss should be leave at some point.

That said, Barca haven’t got two Euros to rub together.

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Sounds like they’re ripe for a Cypriot takeover to help them become a 'well-run’™ club


Relying on loans is one of the main reasons we find ourselves close to the league 2 trap door. Still amazes me how people believe it’s good for the club… it really isn’t.


Loans are okay to bulk up a squad, not so much when they become key first team players.


Exactly, we have become heavily reliant on them over the past few seasons.

Take Rushworth, Miller , Shade , and Mayo out of Saturdays line up and it really Would be grim!

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Amazes me that people don’t think it’s necessary. Virtually every club in this division takes up it’s loan allotment, most first teamers.

The reason they are vital is because the players signed around them are poor, not because it was a mistake bringing them in. No team is going to loan us half decent players to sit on our bench all season just in case. They could do that at their parent clubs.

It’s just a fact of life at this level.

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Loans are there to bridge a gap, they shouldn’t make up the core of your starting 11… It’s that simple


If you don’t play them you won’t get them, it’s that simple.

I think you’re missing the point.

Loans are obviously inevitable and warranted - but should supplement the squad, not be the core of the side.

There is a difference.


And I think you’re missing the point that the problem is the quality around them making them the core of the squad, we’re always going to bring in loans and their always going to play a lot of games, other wise you get an Adnan George/Jayden Reid situation where they just get recalled anyway.

We have not had one successful season working this way, it’s broke!

We’ve also not had a single successful season signing bang average players. What a coincidence.

2015 , huge majority were our players and that was the last time we had a decent team. We signed the odd loan to bolster the squad, exactly how it should be.

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Didn’t realise the players we brought in that season are bang average :thinking: George Evans was the best player in that team for a spell, literally a loan …

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