Saddlers club closing

I didn’t realise the Saddlers club was in so much trouble.I assumed it was all part of the football club but apparently they owe the football club a lot of money,can someone explain to me the details of the relationship between the Saddlers club and the football club please.

I hope it re-opens, where could I get a pre-match pint otherwise?

I knew it had closed and my concern is what is going to happen to the travel section as I go to all the away games on their coaches booking in hut at the side.

I believe that at the time of the then proposed move to Bescot, the Saddlers Club owned the freehold of the old Club building, which was a problem to the developers who needed the land for Morrisons to go up and allow the football club to move. I vaguely remember attending a EGM, after which there may have been a vote, in which a presentation was given about giving up the old club building; in return a brand new building would be provided for a “peppercorn rent” for the foreseeable future.

It all seems so long ago.

Perhaps someone can put me right if I am wrong.

spot on Willenhall except peppercorn is a slight understatement!

Do the Saddlers Club have any sort of online presence? I only really became aware of this issue when I was sitting in there before a game and the away fans were chatting about the place closing down!

Me and my mates used to go in the Saddlers Club all the time. Every home game for years and years. Two of them stopped a couple of seasons back and the rest of us half way through this season. We now drink in the town and doubt we’d go back. Unlike the Saddlers Club the boozers we use in town (Black Country Arms & The Fountain) know how to stock beer so that it doesn’t run out by half 1 every home match. I’m afraid the Saddlers Club are now reaping what they have sowed.

I thought it had been taken over by Albion fans when the Tiger closed down so they could have somewhere to buy cheap beer. They all joined and then forced the old committee who were running it out if I remember correctly.
They used to collect the £2:00 parking fee at the station car park on matchdays but they just stopped collecting the money at the entrance for some reason.

That was my understanding too.

Mixed feelings. Met tinned in there…

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in that the place was a complete ■■■■ hole but at least meeting me made up for it some way? :smirk:

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AM would have been delighted!

Saddlers Club still closed, no information about 50:50 tickets, no information about away coaches. Programme shop closed. Club need to show some initiative here.

Very sad.

I think that the previous person running the Programme shop has stopped doing it.

Never been in but seems a real shame. Hope it gets back on its feet.

I honestly can’t see why they have struggled? they must take a fortune on a matchday, what with food as well as beer sales, unless it was dead other times?

Ñever let me in anyway…

I was a member for the last 2 years, because I was sick of being turned away on the bigger match days.

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Heard off a 50/50 seller tonight @Exile that the competition should return for the proper games. Programme shop still closed.

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