Saddlers Club Decomposing



Ah yes I took that picture the Sunday after the heavy snow and wind resulted in the cowshed roof to buckle in early January 1991. Demolition took place a week or two later.


some of the best years of my life spent there :disappointed_relieved:


Same here @chunkster 24 seasons I went up to FP.


If any younger fans think that Fellows Park looked like a bit of a dump, then you’d be right. Although at that time even many First Division grounds weren’t much better, just bigger and with more fencing to obstruct the view (the fencing was an 80’s thing, all the rage it was).
I started in the Street End, but later ended up somewhere under the first G in Highgate.


i started in the laundry end while i was with my dad, then the street end when i graduated to going with mates, then the side to get closer to the away supporters,i think it was called the popular end? then bannished back to the street end for being classed as a troublemaker, the copper on the gate was a ■■■■■■■. And even used to let my friends through until it came to me :rage:


I never left the Street End. Used to stand half way back, behind the right goal post. Until we scored, then I’d end up about fifteen yards away from the original spot.


Halfway line in the cowshed for me. I had a ritual - first pie before kick off then another after 25 mins if we hadn’t scored and a third just before they ran out at half time.No wonder I ended up so “big-boned” as a kid :grinning:


In the enclosure on the wall, by the side of the away dugouts - so my Dad could exchange pleasantries with the visiting manager and subs.


We must have crossed paths in the past Chunkster. From reading your posts, I reckon we are about the same age (I am 57) and started going around the same time (1970/71). Exactly the same for me, started in the laundry end then the Street end and exactly the same fun and games with the copper on the gate.
A lot in common, bar politics :rofl:


Same here Belp and Chunk, Used to mix it between the Street End and far end of the cowshed
Great picture that, the flats have also gone, used to live in one of the blocks


And me. Used to have problems with that ■■■■ PC with the birthmark on the gate. What it was about me I never knew. I got very smug with them in 86 when I could produce a season ticket. I worked briefly on the turnstiles at the Railway End in the early 80.s. They must have been improved afterwards. That looks like a new wall at the back, and I don’t remember that metal staircase.


That metal staircase @Shrewsbury-Saddler one of the many safety measures put in place.


A closer view @Shrewsbury-Saddler of behind the Laundry End goal in a picture I took on a match day in 89-90.


I still prefer Fellows Park to Bescot run down yes but much better atmosphere and some great memories.
I started in street end while still at school and when stared work changed to enclosure usualy behind home dug out so not far from MGR.


Then they gave him a ■■■■ dog :smile:


Ah well we can’t have everything @Belphegor :wink:


I used to stand there when my eldest was a nipper - he used to sit on the concrete roof of the away dugout. I seem to remember a bloke - maybe your dad? - ripping in to the opposition, the lino seemed to get a bit of it as well as I recall.
Happy days.


Sounds about right, and yes, happy days indeed.

We were generally just to the Laundry End side of the dugout - me in front of the rail, leaning on the wall, and my Dad behind the rail. I do remember a few kids sitting cross legged on the roof of the dugout but I was never allowed!


Always a Laundry Ender, to this day I find it hard to imagine how they got away with a soil embankment as part of a ‘stadium’, however it was handy for rail enthusiasts, and for train drivers stopping along side to ask the score!! Whist the Laundry was still there, the rust that used to drop of the metal fence from a Taylor thunderbolt, was like a shower!
Great days.