Saddlers Fixtures 23-24

:8ball:The #Saddlers will be ball number :three::five: in the Northern Section of the
Carabao Cup Round One draw!

:trophy:Elsewhere, we will face Forest Green Rovers Football Club and Shrewsbury Town FC in Southern Group A in The EFL Trophy.

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So North in one cup, South in the other !?

Wonder which of the following teams we will face in the EFL trophy :face_with_monocle:

1 - Arsenal U21s
2 - Aston Villa U21s
3 - Brighton & Hove Albion U21s
4 - Chelsea U21s
5 - Crystal Palace U21s
6 - Fulham U21s
7 - Tottenham Hotspur U21s
8 - West Ham United U21s

They all run rings around us most seasons anyway :smile:.

Don’t care, I’ve boycotted it ever since those “teams” came into it. Whilst their still in it i won’t attend a game in that trophy, and that includes Wembley if we got there. I firmly believe these “teams” will end up in the league 1 day and I’m not having anything to do with them


Although, interestingly, they tried to do that in Scotland this summer and the whole proposal has been firmly rejected by proper, grassroots clubs…leaving Celtic and Rangers moaning and making threats about the future.

At the end of the day, money talks and it will happen eventually.

Nothing would surprise me, but to totally destroy the football pyramid would be crazy.

I love Walsall but I’m not sure I could drag myself along to watch us play the likes of Crystal Palace u23s on a regular basis.

I’d still go to Wembley in the Cup though. We’ve had enough dark times, I’m not going to cut off my nose to spite my face. Whatever is going to happen will happen anyway I reckon.

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Villa U23s here would be excellent and a bumper audience to boot.

That would surely be a good chance to look at their lads with a view to bringing them here

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I hope they’d graciously allow us to keep all the gate receipts, given they’re such a stand up and generous organistaion.

That’s oh so seventies and not what we want to see in this day and age.

It wasn’t when we played West Brom U21s. I forget exactly what it was but somewhere between 800 and 1200 I think, and at about a fiver a throw, or a quid for concessions.

Are we away to Shreswbury?

If we are, will probably go to that.

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I hope so - FGR away on a Tuesday night in the “your name here” who-can-be-arsed-to-go Trophy? :scream:

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So north in one cup, south in another. Heard on the radio the other day, they’ve finally defined where the south ends and the north begins. Aparently it’s Watford Gap. How did they work this out? It’s where the number of Gregs starts to exceed the number of Pret a manger.:rofl:


You are forgetting that Villa are mossive…

And the fact that KC is almost certainly part Villa fan :wink:

45 minutes to see who we play on the last day in order to stay up :smile:


You are correct, I had failed to take into account both of those things.

Morecambe away first.

Cool. Trip to the seaside