Scarr and Roberts

Not sure if many would agree but i think these two have been our best players so far this season and they where part of last seasons inept defence.Just shows now they have better defenders around them and arent being thrown to the lions by garbage like Leahy and Guthrie etc what they are really capable of.


They’ve certainly been up there. Scarr was crying out for some experience next to him last season. Even though Guthrie had a huge number of games under his belt, I still wouldn’t have put him
In the experience bracket. I think DC recognises his ability as an out and out defender, and doesn’t rely on him too much to start moves from the back.

Roberts seems to have picked up from when Cutler left. Maik Taylor must be playing a huge part in that. Although he’s prone to the odd error, his kicking has vastly improved since the Northampton game. He seems to have confidence in his defence, which means he’s more confident in himself, which results in the defence having confidence in him. This kind of thing is really showing up how poor we were last year, both on and off the field


Both had great seasons so far

Really impressed with Roberts & Scarr has come on leaps and bounds - real no nonsense defender

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Scarr is a good second centre back next to a leader.
He’ll be fine, just think back to Ian Roper’s outstanding career.


2 players who actually give a damn about the club too, Scarr will go 9n to bigger and better things.
Roberts has improved massively, when he takes a goal kick look at the distance he gets on it, he must have one of the longest kicks in the league.

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Noticed a big difference in Roberts’ kicking at Morecambe. Pretty much every single one was on target and as another poster mentioned, the distance on the kicks helped us get up the pitch more effectively when we were under pressure.

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Scarr yes, Roberts no.

Roberts has been at fault for a few of our goals and still turns off and makes a stupid mistake.

I would be looking at getting a new keeper in if Rose isn’t capable.


You can’t really knock Roberts… Just starting to find some confidence after last season.
He is improving his all round game. And you can also see how much it means to the lad at the end of a game when we win with his passion and fist pumps. Get behind robo. UTS


I have to take my hat off to Roberts, I absolutely pasted him last year, and I do believe with a “better” keeper we may have stayed up. However it wasn’t entirely his fault as he was in complete bits and Keates kept playing him.

You know what though, he’s been pretty much faultless this season. A big part of our defence, especially at this level, is the fact he’s massive and claims crosses. He might misjudge the odd high ball but what keeper doesn’t. He’s made some pretty good saves too. I no longer am filled with dread when the ball goes in the box.

Also, I think his kicking is pretty decent, much improved. Again he might whack the odd ball out but I think our fans forget it’s league two, he doesn’t play for Barcelona :roll_eyes:. He didn’t put a foot wrong against Scunthorpe, he shanked one clearance out and you would have thought he’d made the mistake of the century the way some of our fans were moaning

As for Scarr I think he’s a solid defender at this level, especially in a back three.


roberts has been quality this year


Not sure I’d agree that they’ve been the best two so far, but there’s certainly improvement and a degree of consistency with both of them.

They seem to have developed a much better understanding. On Saturday, I noticed a few times that when Roberts was getting applause for coming and claiming the ball, Scarr was blocking anyone from getting in his way. Much better collective defending than in the last few seasons.

Catching, like it was the last time we were in Division Four, is so important. You only have to see some of the tank goalies around the league like Logan and Roche to see that.

Long may the improvement continue.

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Scarr didn’t play in the League Cup and I think it really showed. Just a huge presence at the back.

Not the greatest footballer in the world but I’ve never been that bothered about a centre half’s footballing ability. To me it’s a bonus if they can do that.

Could be the only positive to come out of the Keates reign.


Yeah he’s a different keeper this year from what I’ve seen. Saved us points a couple of times this season.



Well i stand corrected, I doubted Robbo after last season, but fair play hes stood up god dam tall and showed us all why hes our number one, His kicks might go a bit off now and again but thats deffo getting better and i believe atm we have a very good keeper! Add the fact he loves the club so much and he is one our own and by gosh weve got a new man in robbo, Fair play robbo youve done yourself and alll of us proud! Scarr is just a very old school CB get stuck in and ■■■■ it off, not always way the best with the balls but does the job plain and simple

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Very harsh on the boy, Hes kept us in a few games with great saves, What do you want in our league? Hes come on leaps and bounds and deserves all the credit we can give him, His pride and passion for Walsall keeps him hungry for us and drives him on too do them saves, yeah maybe his kicks are bit iffy now and again,but thats improving each week.

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Is this a wind up ?

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Well said that man

The only thing Roberts lacked last year was confidence, everyone could see it was completely drained out of him. Huge credit to Maik Taylor for getting our keeper back.
The thing that impresses me with Scarr is not only is he a very solid CH at this level, he seems to be improving with every game. I’ve no doubt that he’s learning from the experience of his team mates like Clarke, Sadler, Liddle and Guthrie - all pushing him to become a better player. He’s taken it on board very well.


Always liked Scarr. Even last season you could tell there was a half decent player there but playing with Guthrie and Leahy didn’t help him at all.

The whole defensive line is so much better than last season. The 6 clean sheets so far compared to 7 in the entirety of last season shows that.