Scott Dann training with Walsall

Whilst it has been rumoured on a few places, on ‘X’ and i think on here as well, i can comfirm that Scott Dann is training with the Club at the moment. Not sure what the intention is, but I would have thought with the view to ppssibly a short-term contract. Be interesting to see what develops.


I would have thought he would have been signed by now looking at our CB issues!
I’d love to have him back despite his age, but as usual I can foresee us dragging our heels.

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They are just waiting for him to do his cruciate. Then he will sign the contract


That would be an excellent answer to Hussey leaving (possibly even better than the Hussey signing in the first place). Played a decent amount of Championship games last season alone. A player with 241 Premier League appearances are pretty hard to come by when you are scratching around the free agent market for desperate cover.


He will follow the familar pattern of training with us to get fit. Look ace in a few games whilst the club dilly dally then go elsewhere

The next otis khan

Literally no comparison to Khan whatsoever.

Khan’s intentions were only to get fit and move on elsewhere as he did an interview with a Tranmere fan just before he joined us saying the previous summer, he only wanted to go to a League 1 club. Then left us to go to Orient who were in the top half.

Dann is pretty much at the end of his career and he’d be coming back to a club who gave him his chance in football.

His experience alone would be massive for us as we have an extremely young squad.


Get him signed up

You have no idea whether any of that is true or not. Unless you’ve asked him. It could be exactly the same as Khan where he uses us to get fit, plays a few games then gets a better offer.

Hope not as like you I would love to sign him

I’d get him signed up as long as he’s fit. I know this limits Harry’s chances of first team football, but I doubt Dann would have been beaten for the goals the same way HW was. Taylor Allen not a cb and should be nowhere near that position. Agree that Dann might even be a step up from Hussey though worried he only made 13 appearances for Reading last season. Was he injured?

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Yeah maybe, but beggars can’t be choosers at this stage. No free agent is going to be perfect.

I would like to see him signed up as he could definitely still offer something at this level. Experience alone is something we lack
But if Farq is back soon signing Dann probably means the back 5 is here again.
Plus we likely need to do business in January and Dann would want more money than Hussey most likely.

Harry is no where near ready
Priestly is cuvelier / Holden / picken every other injury prone walsall fc player reincarnated
Mayo is crocked
Allen isn’t a footballer
Okagbue isn’t ready

We need help


So the club get pelters for signing old players yet fans are happy for us to sign Scott Dann age 36 years old :thinking:


Play him on a pay per game. Nothing to lose.

It’s almost like every player is different, and signing an ex premier league captain as a free agent is about as good as we can get, when the old player we signed that’s only ever played League One in the summer, that just dropped us in the shit after the window closed, when the club had the option to sign whoever they want, f***ed us over and their recruitment was shit again :thinking:


If he’s still up to it then I think it’s a fabulous addition and the club is right to take some time to view his fitness and capability before offering any terms. To think that Peter Clarke got into the L2 team of the season at 39/40 season before he signed for us.

I think he’ll make an excellent RWB - get him signed Sadler


I heard he’s class in attacking mid when they play free form in training to be fair.


Huge difference between a player who was playing in the championship last season and someone like Steven Ward who was at Ipswich before us and who’s legs had clearly gone there with all their fans saying he was shit

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If we are gonna sign an old head he is surely not a bad option at this level, and another experienced head certainly wouldn’t hurt around here.

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