Scunthorpe United (A) - Sat 24th April, 3pm

So, we stumble into what is now our penultimate Sky Bet League Two AWAY fixture of 2020/21, against Scunthorpe United, the only professional football team to contain the word…I’m sure you know…

Anyway, we are practically safe, bar a mad 22 or 23 goal swing, so this game stands a chance of being a bit of a drab affair with The Iron needing 3 points to guarantee their own survival this season.

The Saddlers head into the game 19th in League Two with 49 points from 43 games. The last six games have provided 8 points for us.

Scunthorpe United head into the game 20th In League Two with 47 points from 42 games. Their last six games have provided them with just 2 points, and have been as follows:

2nd April - Crawley Town (h) - Drew 0-0
6th April - Carlisle United (a) - Lost 2-0
10th April - Tranmere Rovers (h) - Drew 0-0
13th April - Morecambe (a) - Lost 4-1
17th April - Forest Green Rovers (a) - Lost 3-2
20th April - Mansfield Town (a) - Lost 3-0

Players that have played for both clubs - get to work on this @TheBostedSlab. I’ll start you off with Kevan Hurst.

Given our relative safety heading into our last 3 games, should Brian Dutton blood more of the younger players with little pressure on them for the rest of the season, or will he stick to the core first teamers we’ve seen all season?

Also, how many of you will be tuning in, or perhaps you won’t be because there’s nothing really in it for us and this season has ground you down so much? Either way, let us know.

Just two and a half weeks to go people, and this nightmare season is done with. Hang in there.

Just to cheer you all up - if Walsall win their remaining 3 games, then if every other result went their way we could possibly head up to the balmy surroundings of 13th. As it looks, we will do well to stick in 20th. Sad.

Scunthorpe United vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Scunthorpe United Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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As I have posted elsewhere time to give some of the younger players a game. Surely their enthusiasm would help to see us through this nightmare. Anyway I will go for a draw 1-1

I think we have shot our bolt. Hope I’m wrong but I can’t see anything other than defeat here after the last two no shows.

2-1 Lavery to open the scoring before it all goes shitshaped again.

This time draw and usual end of season stuff. No loan players, give some time to own younger ones and just enjoy playing.

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Agree with belph here I can only see a loss after the last 2 performances so I’ll go 2-0 Loft to fire one into the roof of the net and Abo Eisa with the other,you can bank on him scoring.

Having watched the previous 43 games I’m done.
Can’t take anymore pain.
Appoint a proper manager and sign some decent players and I’ll be back.
Over to you Leigh.


Does anyone really care? :wink:

I would just play a defence involving Kinsella, Clarke, and Leak.
A midfield of Bates, Perry, Nolan and Campbell
And the rest from the youth team that beat Salford.

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Team selection could be interesting an indicator of his status as we are safe now … I think from his comments dutton knows he will be in charge next season so will probably experiment with more youngsters . But if he hasn’t been given that guarantee of the job will probably go for more experienced players to try and grind out a boring 0-0 that he has done for the majority of his games in charge.

They look out of form and have nothing to play for. Think we will see BDs first away win 0-1, but it will be an experimental line up

0-0 at the best.

I think we will win and win well, further muddying the waters on Duttons future. A poor loss should make decision a little easier.

It’ll be much the same as in the last 2 games. Dutton IS staying, and is working on replacements for some of the failures in the squad. He admits some may already be fixed up elsewhere, but he doesn’t know who! So I don’t expect a positive result, unless he gets a response from them. Many have clearly stopped performing for the club. Good riddance I say.

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Didn’t realise Scunny still needed the points, nailed on repeat of last Saturday then.

Are we really going to appoint a manager who finishes the season LLLLL?

That sequence looks more than likely to me.

Steve Baines, who became a referee, played for both, and Shakey played a few games for them.

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Depending on which Walsall side shows up, the decent one or the awful one.
Ned Kelly said we looked like a team who had given up and couldn’t wait for the season to end, fair comment imho.
The fans are going to vilify any Saddler player who doesn’t give 100%, whatever the circumstances, top or bottom, we expect (demand) that everyone on the pitch gives it all he has, anything less is unacceptable.
No goals from this game.

Sam Mantom for both

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I won’t be purchasing this one as I have a pressing engagement - there is some drying paint that needs watching…
0 - 0 all day long.


Anthony Forde, Alan Birch, Frank Vincent, Bjarni Larusson, George Evans, David Sloan, Peter Skipper, Isiah Osbourne, Karl Hawley, John Woodward, Andy Butler, Jamie Forrester, Deon Burton, Neil Pointon, Harry Middleton, Peter Till, Joe Murphy, Sam Johnstone, John Gayle, Scott Laird and Ron Green have played for both clubs.

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