Season ends now!

The EFL and clubs have agreed there will be no more games in league 2 except the playoffs which will still be decided by 2 semi finals and a final
the table will be decided by points per game.
League 1 no decision yet

So if League One decide to null and void things with no promotion or relegation, where would L2 teams be promoted to? :roll_eyes:

We are Staying Up we are staying Up… Stevenage down ?.

Can we find some magic formula (based on the last 5 games?) that enables us to get into the play-offs? But then again: how will the play-offs work? Teams will have to keep a whole squad going to play potentially 2 matches only. Sounds like a lot of hassle. At least we can pack up for the summer and concentrate on getting a decent squad for next season.

nothing has been decided about promotion and relegation yet.
They have just decided how to finalise the table.

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My mate is a Trampmere fan He is worried but as I will tell him if they do come down that’s 6 points in the bag for the Saddlers…UTS

A lot of fuss from top to bottom. Abandon season full stop or finish whenever as no guarantee when next season can start. Is football and housing market really the most important things at this time?

See my posting a couple of months back:

With all of the uncertainty about what happens about promotion/relegation if the season doesn’t resume, why not just extrapolate teams current form for the remainder of the season. In a totally disinterested spirit, I have saved the EFL a lot of work and performed the following calculations:

1. Take the points each team has gained from its last 5 games
2 Divide by 5 to get the average
3 Multiply the answer at step 2 by the number of remaining games
2. Add to existing points tally to get a total for each team

This would give a final table as follows:


  •                 Points*


1 Cheltenham 90
2 Swindon 89
3 Plymouth 82.4
4 Crewe 81.4
5 Exeter 74
6 Port Vale 73.2
7 Walsall 69
8 Colchester 68.8
9 Northampton 68.8
10 Salford 66.2
11 Bradford 64.8
12 Crawley 62.4
13 Grimsby 57.8
14 FGR 57

The play-off positions could then be determined by giving the 4th promotion spot to the team with the highest average number of points from the last 5 games, as follows:

Crewe 1.6
Exeter 1.0
Port Vale 1.8
Walsall 2.2 (promoted)

Sadly I suspect the EFL won’t take up my Duckworth-Lewis-esq suggestion.


No but a government that tells us to go the beach without checking if car parks and loos are open and in this H&S age if there are any lifeguards might accept your results.

If anyone goes in the sea at the moment they are more likely to die of hypothermia - apologies for going off topic

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On a footballing forum it is probably worth mentioning.

Most sensible solution to be fair

It was a comment regarding who might agree the plan to get us into the playoffs.

I think it’s the fairest way though agree about difficulty with play offs. Hope that Barrow are going to be promoted.


Definitely. With all this talk of ‘sporting integrity’ at the top it would be nice to see promotions honoured as far down the pyramid as possible. Difficulty is, you have to implement relegation, too - which is much trickier.

I think last few games suggested we are already on our way, we showed togetherness and an understanding which for me bodes extremely well for next season

Very sad. Only the moneybags will play their games so they can get their TV monies. Unlike everyone above I would have completed the season in June and July with next season starting in September without the League and the lower league cups. I wonder how many players will be on the dole come July? Still they won’t be alone as we have discussed elsewhere …there will be millions of others.


Love it !

That’s completely impractical (because of the contracts issue), and you’ve got to factor in that calling these games off is actually a much more financially appealing solution than hosting them behind closed doors for us (which will prevent more players being “on the dole” than the alternative).

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An update from the EFL website:

League Two
Having considered the protocols and costs that would be required to be met to conclude the current season, League Two Clubs have unanimously indicated a preferred direction of travel to curtail the campaign in line with the framework outlined by the EFL Board.

In addition, Clubs asked for consideration to be given to suspending relegation to the National League for 2019/20 as a result of circumstances created where fixtures cannot be completed. No commitments were made in this respect and the Board will now consider the implications of the division’s preferred approach at their next meeting.

Interesting that they’re trying to find a way of not relegating Stevenage.