Season ticket seat allocations viewable

Season ticket holders can now check which seat they have been allocated when we’re allowed back in the ground.

Go to and log in, then check your purchase history. You should see a new item there dated 6th September with your seat allocation.

I’ve been allocated a seat at the front of the upper tier near the corner, rather than my usual place at the back of the middle tier behind the goal. Not too bad.

Mine and my dad’s not there yet. From the news article on the OS, was expecting to get an e-mail first before we could check so maybe they are working their way through them and you’re one of the early allocations that have been done?

Quite possibly. I had a look out of curiosity more than anything.

Same here after seeing it on the OS, and again after your post. My ST (and various other tickets) is in my history - but dated in Feb when I bought it and still showing my chosen rather than allocated seat, nothing recent or for my dad’s ST seat (as he didn’t have an e-mail address associated with his customer details until I got them to add another one of mine earlier this afternoon so that he can get his own iFollow login for Saturday).

While my existing purchase still shows in Feb I’ve got a new apparent purchase on 6th September. Hope they don’t charge me twice!
I’ve got moved from block M of the main stand to block L and row changed from F to C and I’ve lost me seat virtually on half waf to in line with the edge of the penalty box. Bit too close for my liking but beggars can’t be choosers,

Same here, I’ve been moved from block N to block P, from half way line to edge of penalty box. I’d have much preferred to go opposite, say block E and sit by halfway line again.

We are just a few seats away from my usual spot so pretty good. Where do we get the code to log in for free on i follow?

I’ve got a great view


I’d never set up an account before so when my sister showed me how her account had her new seat on it, I decided to set one up.

However wouldn’t let me set up using my membership number and so had to start afresh and there’s obviously no details. I can find my membership on the network option so I obviously exist.

So I think I’m sitting on the roof!

Best place for you :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nothing new on mine but as no one else sits on our row we probably won’t have ours changed.

:notes: you’ve got no friends :joy:


I think the club will tie your eTicket account (if/when created) to whichever e-mail you’ve given them for the customer record they have on their physical tickets system (assuming you have given them one).

I’ve emailed tonight - fingers crossed.

Managed to get a seat in the next block along and just 20 seats away from the seat I initially paid for, that’ll do me :handshake:

Moved from middle tier block 2 to upper tier block 5.
It is what it is just be glad to watch football again.

Mines not showing as updated yet hopefully that means not moving though likelihood is they are just working their way through.

I’m just hoping to stay in the homeserve stand as when I’ve got freebies in the hospitality the pillars blocking that little bit just bugs me :rofl:

Looks like I’ve been moved from a seat with an unobstructed view to a seat with a couple of Gilmans in the way. :worried:

I’ve got an account but it’s not linked to my account I don’t think.

Is there any info yet on when the ifollow match access email thingymajigs are coming out?

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Does anyone know if there’ll be any tickets available to non season ticket holders?