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What’s our campaign this time round? WOW - Watch Out Wolves?

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I’ll renew because I’m born in Walsall, I’ll renew because for all my moaning I absolutely love being a saddlers supporter. I’ll renew as long as I’m able to get to games.


I will renew because…

  1. Its a massive part of my life
  2. Good bonding time with my lad
  3. Trivela are improving the club and i want to be on that jouney.
  4. It beats going shopping or doing diy on my day off.

I am getting one for me and the kids, didn’t get one this season and have still ended up going to all the games (bar one) costing me a fortune!

That’s provided they don’t put the prices up a big amount. They went up enough last year, no need for another big increase.

Can’t say as I am over excited, it’s more of a duty than a pleasure these days.

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I will get my usual 3 . I am a supporter but I also think Trivela will bring us better times.

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Personally, I don’t know. Supported Walsall all of my 58 years, but I am bored with this extended stay in the bottom tier and unfortunately, don’t see us getting out any time soon. My work means I cannot get to many if any midweek games. To date that hasn’t stopped me, but performances like today really make me think about value for money.

Apologies, I know this thought process will upset a few but I have always said support in football clubs has to be earned when it comes to paying to watch games. Sadly as each season in this league goes by and in particular not looking likely to get out (positively anyway) it really becomes more difficult to justify the increasing cost.
I take my hat off to Trivela for the freehold and The Locker, but from a footballing perspective it isn’t really happening and most clubs over the world tend to find that a successful team on the pitch will increase revenue.
Sorry if I have rambled on, bad day at Bescot.


More chance of platting fog unless they show some ambition and i mean ambition then i might be tempted fed up of boring dross season after season.

I’ll be renewing 100%, takes my mind off other things and gives me something to look forward to every week spending time with family and friends.


The thing is, I’m only ever interested in the early bird prices, so it’s a complete gamble.

Do I part with £400 plus in blind hope that the club will actually aspire to get out of this league, only to be wholly disappointed come the summer due to the gaping holes which are left in the squad?

I’m not voting in this poll because I’ll skew the results!

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I am not able to vote as i do not understand the polling scoring system. That aside, i will not be getting a season ticket. Why?

  1. The highs and lows cause me too much stress and make me ill. If we are winning i like to leave early in case we throw it away. If we end up winning i am ecstatic and cant wait for the next match then when we lose it is just too much and i feel physically sick. When we lose i get overcome by the big black dog.

  2. When i used to have a ST i would often find myself freezing my tits off staring at the motorway after another dreadful performance wondering why i do this to myself.

  3. The parking is shite.

  4. The matchday atmosphere is generally shite.

  5. I find it difficult to believe in people who come across as smug and full of their own self-importance

  6. I also find it difficult to justify spending cash when the odds of being entertained or chance of getting value for money is low. The dismal performances largely outweigh the Andy Watson Forest performances.

I think i am depressed now.

I’ll probably renew. Nowt to do with Sadler, Boycott, Faal or Knowles.

The best explanation is far better articulated in the OP of this thread by @WiltshireSaddler than I could ever manage.


I’m afraid after around 12 or so years it will just be me. My nephew has had enough,after yesterday, and said next season he will concentrate working on his house. My son is turning 20 and the lure of footie at the Besla with Dad is begining to wane.

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It’s very good entertainment so I’m more than happy to renew. There’s this trope from some posters that league 2 is rubbish, but the athleticsm, skill and tactics on display from most teams is very good and worth the money IMHO. (Mo Faal chance yesterday not withstanding)

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I don’t know. My first match was more than 50 years ago and maybe it’s time to knock it on the head. I enjoy going to some non-league games when Walsall aren’t playing and I enjoy them. I have no emotional investment in who wins and I can just enjoy the match for what it is. And it’s cheaper.
I might renew, old habits die hard, but I am disillusioned. It feels like a relationship that has run its course, but it hasn’t ended yet. “Where is the love?” as Fergie once asked.

I only speak for myself, but what interests me is that yesterday didn’t anger me, or even disappoint me that much. I wasn’t unhappy driving home, or in a bad mood, I just find myself thinking “what is the point?” and I am struggling to find an answer.


I took a sabbatical this year to see if staying away would reignite the passion for going. Have to be honest as the season has gone on I haven’t missed it half as much as I thought I would. Sadler wasn’t my choice as manager and I’m far from convinced by him so that may be a factor in the decision.

Torn between the emotional pull of going with my Dad and getting my Son back into it, but not once has he asked me to go this season as he has had to watch some shite since his first season when we got relegated into this dire league.

I think a lot will rest on how they market and price the early bird. Like many people, the £500 odd quid it will cost I can spend 100 times over on other things so it becomes a return on investment decision given I’ve had the passion sucked out of me by the club. Think I’ll give it till the last day of the early bird to make a decision one way or the other.


I didn’t get one this season for the first time in a while. I didn’t agree with the price increases and I think it’s important that if you feel prices rose too much, not to buy one, regardless of how much you support the club or love going, because most clubs take blind loyalty for granted and prices up and down the EFL increase season on season knowing people will still find a way to put that extra £20, £50 aside.

I haven’t been to as many games as when it comes to the weekend spending almost £30 hasn’t felt justified given the performances throughout most of the season, so have watched a lot on the firestick, but I have missed the social side of it.

I said Trivela need to prove to me that it’s worth getting, and I am happier now than preseason with the direction Trivela are going in, they are sticking to promises and delivering where they can absolutely make a difference so I’m tempted to get one next season as I believe they are here for the right reasons and they are trying their best.


I can relate to your post. I haven’t been going as long as you, being 48 it would be hard to, but enough years to have the emotional investment. I often come home now after a bad game and just forget about it, where as in the past it would ruin the whole weekend and beyond. You would think that is a good thing, but actually, it is quite concerning. The memories with my Dad and the connection that still brings, keeps me coming back and making sure I still care, but it is indeed much harder work than it ever has been before. Having two boys also helps, as I want them to have the same feelings I had.

Unlike you, I don’t really fancy the non league scene, in fact, I think I am falling out of love with football in general. I genuinely don’t know how I would fill such a big void though if I gave up on it altogether, it has been such a big part of my life.

Anyway, I hope that Walsall, sooner rather than later can give you/us something to cheer about and maybe get that connection back in full flow. You are one of my favourite posters on here. You are always around to put me right when I don’t quite remember things quite right. Not like you have read from a book or done a quick Google either, but with your own personal experiences and takes on things. One of my favourite things about reading on UTS is reading about other fans’ experiences on the same days I have had myself.

Keep believing,

Up The Saddlers!


You are right, and apathy or not caring as much ought to concern the powers that be at Walsall as well. Being angry is one thing and can be engaged with, but apathy is a killer, as it is in any type of relationship.

Yes, football generally and WFC especially and I know it would be such a huge thing to give it up.

I do try. :laughing: But the buggers have knocked the belief out of me. :grimacing:

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I definitely wouldn’t purchase a ST, I haven’t for a good number of years, as I’ve stated many times in the past the club was run by amateurs and dinosaurs with no accountability that ultimately created the club we have at present. Things appear to be moving in the right direction and I sincerely hope that Trivela can turn this decaying club around. Like other posters have mentioned I don’t get upset too much these days regarding our performances especially away as it has become “ normal “ to expect defeat and lack of ambition, like others I felt Clarke could rejuvenate us, same as Flynn but as is the Walsall way both failed miserably. I really do feel an undercurrent of failure and lack of ambition runs through the soul of our club that resonates with fans . For far too long we have had suits running the show that have zero football knowledge ( their own admission) so the blind led the blind. In summary I need the club/ owners/ players / manager to show me passion, desire, ambition a bloody will to win more than lose!!! When that time comes I will renew a ST until then I’ll choose my odd game just to keep in touch, I applaud all fans that renew, I admire their optimism, but I’m old school and it will take more than a few back to back occasional wins to convince me, oh and Sadler isn’t the guy to take us forward.