Sheffield Wednesday (H) EFL Cup, Saturday Sep 5th, 2.15pm

Owls . . .
Undazzled at noon-day


The Carabao Cup starts our competitive season with a visit from The Owls, who finished last season 16th in the Championship on 56 points, level with Stoke City and Reading. Their team manager is Garry Monk, once of Birmingham City and Leeds United. At this stage of the competition there is no “return leg”, so Saturday is a definite opportunity to progress to the 2nd round.

Last Saturday the Owls travelled to the Loughborough University Stadium to take on Leicester City in a pre-season friendly - the result was goal-less, and a number of Owls’ supporters have used the Twitter platform to call for a couple of strikers (sound familiar?).

Quite a few footballers have had the distinction of playing for both clubs - here are a few:-

Zigor Aranalde
Lee Bradbury
Adam Chambers (loaned from The Baggies)
Allenby Driver
George Kirby
Isaiah Osbourne
Mark Robins
Craig Shakespeare
Gary Shelton
Dean Smith

The lack of a decent crowd may well remove any advantage we had for being the “home” team, but Garry Monk would not be the first manager of a “big club” to use this competition to field some of his fringe players for evaluation.

Prediction? Very tricky this early in the season, but at least we have scored recently … so I’ll hope for a 1-0 home win, with Josh Gordon netting in the 87th minute.


Thanks @Welsh_Saddler a football thread to read, instead of some of the other doom and gloom on here :+1:


Welcome back Welsh. The football previews haven’t been the same since you left. That other bloke that did them tried really hard, but to be honest (and between me and yow, and please dow tell him), they was a bit w*nk. :grinning:.

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3-1 Walsall.

May as well be optimistic from the start!

There’s quite a gap between “optimistic” and “outrageous” … :soccer: :soccer: :soccer:

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@simon did a sterling job whilst you have been on sabbatical @Welsh_Saddler but it is excellent to see your previews back! Long may it continue,


Mark Taylor played for both didn’t he? I know you said “here’s a few” and not a full list. Just sprung to mind, thought it was worth adding.

We will have our work cut out obviously, nice that we are back though, even if not in the circumstances we would like, just yet. I’ll go for a 3-1 defeat.

Indeed he did, @Blazing_Saddler … 113 appearances for us, and 9 for The Owls. The limitations of Wiki are highlighted, as they only have Billy Taylor and Ian Taylor in their list of Wednesday players. No sign of Mark Taylor, although it should be remembered that his name was actually Robert Mark Taylor!!

I think it’s time for a lie down … :crazy_face:

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I didn’t look it up, honest. I seem to remember he went at the same time as Shakey.

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At my age I need to look everything up!!! :smile:

Oddly enough, I remember more from back then, than more recent times. I forget players names and all sorts these days.


4-0 defeat incoming

He still plays for the legends team, and still a great footballer!

Is this game on tv ?

I know it’s on sky

As Chunky says, it’s on Sky - and also free on iPlayer to at least ST holders (if not to everyone else too then £10 for the privilege).

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Don’t think iFollow covers cup games does it?

Showing as the next live game up so assuming they’re covering and not just teasing.

Fingers crossed because that will be my option if the sports bar in Stafford ain’t got it on