Sheffield Wednesday (H) EFL Cup, Saturday Sep 5th, 2.15pm

And dodgy Amazon fire stick owners :wink:

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Won’t comment on the dodgy use, but there is a way to watch iFollow on a Firestick even though the app itself doesn’t work on there (not supported by Amazon). Use the native internet browser (Silk) and go to the OS as you would on a PC, but switch it to desktop mode rather than the default mobile one that tries to force you to use the app. Works for me.

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Sheff Weds are starting on -12 in championship due to being naughty and over inflating their stadiums worth in accounts or something.

The bigger ambition has to be playing them again in league 1 next season.

Can see it being 1-1 and going to penalties.

2-1 to the Saddlers says this optimist!!

from the WFC website:

The EFL plan to broadcast all matches live on iFollow as they did for the conclusion of the 2019-20 Championship season. Season Ticket holders will receive free access to home league matches on iFollow as part of their season ticket.

Should a league game be broadcast live on Sky Sports, season ticket holders will still have free access to the stream.

The key is in the word League. Pomlett himself said on the recent video that supporters would be able to watch the Shefrf W game on Sky sports. (ie NOT on iFollow)

Bit disingenuous for it to be advertised as the next available game with an option to purchase a match pass for it then.

After months of nothing but political and COVID ■■■■ talk on here, I hadn’t quite realised just how much I missed these threads

Welcome back Welsh and welcome back football - the sooner we’re all back in stadiums cheering on the lads the better

As for this game, I’ve got a bad feeling we’ll actually do well in a cup this season for once and miss out on some decent fixtures so I’ll go with a 1-0 Walsall win


I think it will be available on iFollow as an audio commentary only.

The option is there to purchase a video match pass for it (actually 2 options - both for the same thing!) Letting me choose that and now asking for my payment details. Will be watching on Sky so don’t want to go any further than that to see what happens in case I really do get charged £10!

Looks like you are right though @saddla about it not being free for ST holders as I originally thought (league games only is what the OS says) so IF it is on iFollow (which it definitely looks like to me) then everyone has to pay £10 for it.

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Sure Pomlett said in the latest video, if a game is shown on Sky, it won’t be on iFollow.

If a league game is on Sky, it will also be on iFollow. If it’s a cup game I don’t believe the video is available, maybe just commentary.


Personally I still think we are a few players short, however I would expect Us to be competitive.

1-2 Sheffield Wed

Or just find a way of watching it on Sky. Go to the pub. £3 for a pint and watch it there.

Sky will be a load better than Ifollow too in terms of quality.

As much as I dislike Sky and all it has done to the game, it looks like a no brainier to me.

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Fairly sure that would end up costing me a bit more than £10 :slight_smile:


Can’t you just buy a day pass from sky? same price as ifollow but better quality


Nail head.

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This tells you what is on iFollow. NO League Cup, no FA Cup, no league games broadcast on Sky.

From the same EFL website:

Leagues One and Two Streaming

League One and Two are able to stream any match not shown live on Sky to fans who purchase individual match passes for £10.

The new framework for Season Ticket Holders allows Clubs to have the option to also stream:

  • All home matches, including those shown live on Sky

Clubs cannot provide access to any away match, live on Sky or not, within a season ticket package.

Carabao Cup Streaming

Round One Carabao Cup matches that are not selected for live broadcast by Sky Sports will also be eligible for Clubs to stream. These will only be available on a match pass basis at £10.


So its a no for the Owls game, which will be our Carabao Cup run for the season, a no for the FA Cup, and a no for league games shown on Sky unless you’re a season ticket holder?