Shrewsbury Game

Asked at the ticket offce a few minutes ago, and tickets for what could be a do or die game go on sale Monday - only ST holders to start, limited to 1 per person.

Fingers crossed we’re already safe and it"s just a chance to send them down - but who’s going regardless?

Won’t be do or die for us. For the wrong reasons.

But I’ll be there. Should be a good day.


Think it will be.

Looking at what Sloppies have left I’ve got them on 49 points going into last day.

Southend away- draw
Scunthorpe home- win
Gillingham away- draw
Barnsley away- loss
Oxford home- draw
Coventy away- loss

In that situation Walsall would need to be on 47 points to have a chance of staying up on final day. It’s only 5 more points and they can certainly get with how they played today against weaker teams.

I agree next to no chance it will go to general sale, just the hardcore away fans which is what it should be for a probable occasion like that.

Don’t you think we could have a situation like we had at Burton a few years ago, with fans trying to get tickets in the home end? with the history between the two clubs i can see a lot more fans than tickets.

I’ll be there as i’m walking it of course. Can’t wait to potentially walk there for a relegation FFS. That said, money raised for Prostate Cancer so if nothing else good happens, they will get all monies donated.

I’d hate to think of the scenes should they relegate ya, especially having not kicked off until 5:30pm. Whoever organised that needs to have a word with themselves.


Good on ya Rob, got a donation page to share?

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Dates for ticket sales away at the Sloppies:

  • Monday 25th March: 2018/19 Season Ticket Holders
  • Monday 8th April: Supporters with both Home & Away Booking History for the 2018/19 Season
  • Monday 15th April: Supporters with 2018/19 Away Booking History
  • Monday 22nd April: Supporters with any previous Booking History
  • Monday 29th April: General Sale

and before anybody asks I doubt very much if you can pay on the day :joy:


Only 1600 tickets so slim chance of getting a ticket then . Think the season ticket holders will take all of them.

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Might find it’s way onto Sky

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I think the TV will be more interested in the top end of the table rather than the bottom.

They would struggle to find two pundits that think Shrewsbury are the best side in the EFL like they did for ‘super,unbeatable’ Barnsley!


Going to be a lot of walsall fans either trying to get into their end or standing outside the ground.

Graham Turner and Dolly the sheep.

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I’ll be in the home end, should be tasty :joy:


Imagine the home end full of Walsall fans if a last minute goal keeps us up… and sends them down.

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Be amazing, it’s the only way I can get a ticket and I’m not missing it!

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Don’t blame you mate. Thankfully I bought mine yesterday but I have a few mates worried they will miss out, despite the fact they go home and away every week. Shame we don’t have a fair points system.

I didn’t renew my season tickets this season in protest :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: however I have been to a good number of away games.

That’s the way the it is though… home end it is :joy:

Ordered my ticket this morning. In the post tonight! :grinning: