Shrewsbury Town (A) EFL Trophy, 5th Dec 7.30pm

Yes, I know … no-one cares … but it’s still a fixture and you never know, somebody might be thinking of going, and then posting his/her thoughts and reactions.

As we didn’t finish top of the qualifying group, we get to travel to darkest Shropshire to play the Sloppies’ reserves/youth/academy (delete as appropriate) - note the date and kick-off time. Port Vale, who “won” the group stage, have been rewarded with a real local derby against Stoke City’s U-21’s.

Quoting Shrewsbury’s current League One form is meaningless (like ours) in view of the composition of the team likely to be named for this fixture. Newly-appointed Caretaker Manager Danny Coyne has a reputation to live down … when he was previously appointed to that position in 2016 he presided over four straight defeats before Paul Hurst’s arrival. He might select Mat Sadler for old times’ sake…

Presumably Dean Keates will use this game as a run-out for fringe players, and Chris Dunn will probably get the nod over Liam Roberts. As Joe Edwards was considered fit enough to warm the bench last week-end it might be beneficial to let him have some game time. Morris, Kouhyar, Ronan, Parker - take your pick.

By the time this game takes place we will know the results of the draw for the 3rd round of the F.A.Cup, and there’s a chance we could get the Sloppies in that! They came through their 2nd round tie against Scunthorpe United on Sunday even after giving the Iron a penalty in the 88th minute (saved by Shrewsbury keeper Arnold).

Prediction - who gives a monkey’s? Just for nostalgia let’s go for a 1-2 away win, with Walsall’s goals coming from Richards (Tony, not Matt) and Taylor (Colin, not Brian).



Is this the only opposition where we’ve set the record attendance ?

According to Wikipedia , yes.

But we did hold the Villa record for a while.

“The Saddlers were actually drawn at home but were more than happy to pick up their share of the gate receipts from Villa Park after the tie was switched.”
Can’t imagine our current owner agreeing to something like that just for the money! ( Is it allowed now?)

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Solihull moors in the cup, will be the next one.

Did we ever “sell out” Dales Lane ?

(and I don’t mean beer sales).

“The Saddlers were actually drawn at home but were more than happy to pick up their share of the gate receipts from Villa Park after the tie was switched”

Nothing change’s does it ,…:image

I care - to an extent. This is an ideal game for supporters who need to be careful with their blood pressure.

I’ll wake up at 3am here and try to give iFollow my fiver (which they usually do not accept). My doctor has told me not to get overexcited and I believe this match will allow me to support the Saddlers while remaining calm and dispassionate. I will not ‘do a Klopp’ across the living room floor on my zimmer frame should we win it in the 95th minute. :joy:

At least I don’t think so…


I wonder if any Wrexham fans will turn up? It’s not often you get the chance to berate two ex-managers in one go


Wonder if Conor Johnson will play or if he will start on Saturday. He did well for me, but if Martin is over his illness I suspect he comes back into the team on Saturday.

He is suspended for tomorrows game cos was sent of in last EFL Trophy game.

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Because we lost to the Fail and only came runners up in our group to them, they played Sjoke at home tonight - and just under 8,000 there to watch them thrash a bunch of kids 4-0.

Arguably a game against the Sloppies is more of a local derby for us than playing either of the clay heads, so how many short of 10,000 will the crowd be? :thinking:

About 9,200?


Lowest 4 last night
Cambridge - Northampton had 648
Cheltenham - Newport 739
Exeter - Peterborough 746
Accrington - Lincoln also 746

Tonight 1126?

They seem to have got quite excited about it all.

What is it about fans of football clubs in that area?

A stoke fan threw a glass bottle at my sister when she used to attend Villa games and a group of Port Vale fans tried to start on us after we beat them 5-0 because they heard my accent. Absolute scum up there.


I managed to get out of Burslem alive in 14/15. Fortunately, they don’t know Cantonese.

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One midweek game away at Vale one of their fans was staring at loads of people walking past. He told his mate he was “looking for the Brummie bastards”. I nearly explained the difference between Brummies and Yam Yams, but thought better of it.

If you park near the A500 when playing Sjoke the walk back down to the road over the railway line and river (that we christened “Walking the Gauntlet”) is an experience. I try not even to cough in case it’s in a Black Country accent.


Hmmm interesting team selection. I don’t like that he’s playing a lot of first choice players but it looks like a trial of three at the back which I’m all for!

Vale barstads put our van on it’s roof.
Bit of a mistake on our part…going in something with “Walsall Shopfitters” emblazoned on the side in twelve inch letters.

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Staring line-up against Shrewsbury Town:-


Leahy (capt)



Substitutes:- Roberts, Edwards, Devlin, Cook, Ismail, Kouhyar, Gordon.

(What a bench!!)

Shrewsbury have only named 6 substitutes … :face_with_raised_eyebrow: