Shrewsbury Town (A) EFL Trophy, 5th Dec 7.30pm


Sloppies have 2 corners in the first 2 minutes … bookies have them as clear favourites!


Stemming from Shrewsbury’s 5th corner on 21 minutes, they take the lead.


We have our first corner … 27 min

Never mind … smile at the Dingles, the gift that keeps giving (“e’s gorra gew Franksy”) :wink:

Shrewsbury Town yellow card, 41 minutes …


According to the Excuse & Stir’s man at the match, Ismail and Kouhyar are warming up …

Half time, 1-0 to the Sloppies.


No shots on target so far - for us.


Crap so far. Failed experiment with wing backs.

Wilson, sorry chief you don’t cut the mustard even for this trophy. Time to get back to League 2.

Dunn is ■■■■■ too.

Hopefully we see Cook and Ismail on the pitch at some point, and maybe Kouhyar (never did I think I’d be writing that!)


Formation is actually 5-2–2-1 and just heard one of the WM commentators say that Wilson up to now has spent most of his time playing “pretty academy rubbish” :joy::joy:


Attendance given as 1,857, with 239 Walsall fans there.

No changes to start the 2nd half (surprisingly)


We seem to have gone from a preferred formation and method, to a change every next game. Looking at the results, I wish we could just get back to plan A.


Bloody hell that is about 1500 more than i expected lol


:joy: we have gone from whitless having no plan b to deano going through the alphabet :rofl:


Walsall substitution, 60 minutes … Ismail replaces Martin

Walsall 2nd substitution, 68 minutes …. Joe Edwards on for Kinsella !!!


Looks as though Edwards will be coming on.


Excellent to see him back on the pitch.


Game over now??? 2-0 to the Slops.


Totally agree the lad deserves it whoever he plays, but fans will have to be patient with him


Now 2-0 down, two Cup exists over a weekend on the cards.
Nice for the management to use this as a practice match, but fans pay money to watch and want our team to win!
Not good enough against what is probably the Shrews reserves too.


what does that mean in the grand scheme of things?


Walsall’s 3rd substitution, 74 min … Kouhyar replaces Osbourne


No Wembley……. again.


The big come-back??? 2-1 now, all to play for .. (Kieron Morris)