Shrewsbury Town (A) EFL Trophy, 5th Dec 7.30pm


Looks like we have grabbed a consolation at the close of play.


Fitzwater injured, and we’ve used all 3 subs … (now back on his feet)

4 minutes added on …


Kane Wilson, absolutely shocking.


Shocking Game. We were so so bad. So many mistakes no composure and no attacking threat.

Wilson was just abysmal.


Blame the manager why he keeps picking him not a clue


Why would 239 go to Shrewsbury in a reserve game and only 184 to Portsmouth?! I just don’t get it.

Great result - are we out now??! For me its similar to our U16s losing to Wolves or Shrewsbury.


Never pleased to see us lose, especially to the Slop, but glad we’re out of this competition for another year.


Thank goodness for that.


Well that was embarrassing, u would think being a professional footballer you could pass and control the ball(the basics)
Dunn- shocking, distribution awful
Leahy- see above
Guthrie -see Dunn
Martin - see Dunn
Fitzwater - seems the best out of the 3
Wilson - worst player on the pitch by a mile and that’s saying something
Morris- great goal but nothing else
Osbourne - no control and offers nothing
Kinsella - not great today but has potential if he can pass a forward ball
Ronan - too lightweight and too many sideways passes
Ferrier- what has happened to him so much promise when he first signed but looked lost
Ismail- looked good when he came on
Edwards - great to see him back would have him and Dobson on the middle and kinsella back up
Kouyhar- not enough time to impress

Overall a waste of £10 watching on ifollow
Fair play to the fans that made the trip


Well i am pleased i didn’t pay for it but i have paid to listen to it for £45 for the season. and i couldn’t even hear that? all i got from the live chat was " download firefox and try that"? i keep saying i will not renew subscription on ifollow and i keep on paying, but never again


IMO that was embarrassing. Every Walsall player on pitch apart fro GK has league 1 experience but for 75 minutes we were poor and very much second best. Only positive Joe Edwards back on pitch.
3 at the back didn’t work, I thought Leahy considered himself a wingback, not on tonights performance.
Agree about Ferrier, what’s happened to him? In saying that hope to see him and Cook up front on Saturday in a 442.


Showed really how reliant that team are on three players,Roberts,Dobson Cook. Without any of those,the inconsistency isn’t going to lessen.As others have said,Ferrier looked lost without Cook and was very easily muscled out of things. That was a different team Shrewsbury started with to their last league game.


Yeah I mean, we did play our captain, top scorer, first choice keeper and best player in recent weeks (Devlin) as well. Oh wait.

If you went to this expecting anything more than a training match I’m afraid you are naive, paid money or not. The players are probably about as arsed as I am about this game and are probably just hoping they don’t get injured. I don’t blame them.


More arsed that they booked their Christmas Party same day as Sunderland replay !!!
Amateurish !!


Yep . I paid money , and can’t say it was outside the range of expectations I had when I decided to go. Disappointing, but always a possibility for this team with, never mind without, those key players.


Don’t get how anyone can be happy to see Walsall lose regardless of the competition. Seeing it all over social media and it’s just weird to me. Am I that bothered we lost? Nah, not really. Did I want us to win? Yes, I want us to win every game despite the lack of importance.


I couldn’t give a toss about this joke of a tournament.

I see this as a friendly game and a chance to play a different formation without any real negatives.

We move on.


The idea that Walsall FC is too big for this competition is ridiculous.

It is the least important of the four main competitions we enter each season, but success in it, every single win even against an under 21 team, is a success for Walsall. Every win is a win, and is better than a defeat.

Can any real Walsall fan be glad that we lost last night to Shrewsbury, of all teams?


Every win in cup competitions also equals prize money, something which could be the difference in January.


There’s a difference between being glad and not bothered.