Shrewsbury Town (H), Oct 2nd 7.45PM

Looks like everyone e.g Welsh has forgotten one of the biggest games of the season is 23 hours away!

I expect another bounceback and a win, 2-1 seems popular this season. Party over for Sloppies who came close last season and inevitably are having their comedown season, only 1 win, just above the bottom 4 and their record at Bescot is dreadful, couldn’t even get a win last season.

Would bring in Cook and Ronan for this one. Maybe Morris aswell.

Hopefully the whole team want to bounce back and wallop the Sloppies for the fans.

This is what I am hoping for with my prediction anyway; 3-1, a late consolation for the sheepies. Their bubble has well and truly burst so expect the usual mute 500 in the away end.

Back in the lower tier for the first time since 2013 so hoping for a decentish atmosphere. Doubt we will break the 5k mark though

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We have a great record against the Sloppies but we had one against Doncaster!!! It won’t be a repeat of that though so I think we will win. Morris for Ginnelly and Kinsella for Osbourne would be my changes if we stay with the 4-4-2. We have a number of options available so we could well see a change in formation…if that happens Ronan will certainly figure.

Let’s hope we are on it from the first whistle tomorrow…that’s the way to create an atmosphere and get the fans on side. Been too slow out the blocks in the last 3 home games . Come on boys on the front foot from the off . UTS

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I’d like to see Morris come in, think he was really unfortunate to lose his place initially as he’s impressed me. Ismail also hasn’t been playing to well which makes Morris coming in for him easier… I like Cook but Gordon and Ferrier have been good together in my opinion. And Ronan, no not unless it’s in a midfield three as you can’t play him alongside Dobson or drop Dobson.

Spoke to my mate about Ronan and he suggested a 4-3-3 attack, especially as Ferrier and Gordon can drift wide to add width. Kind of like…
Devlin - Guthrie - Fitzwater - Leahy
Ronan - Osbourne - Dobson
Gordon - Cook - Ferrier

Personally I’d play same 11 but Morris in for Ismail though.

Not sure if Osbourne can manage two games in 72 hours, didn’t have much of a pre season and in his 30s.

Being radical I’d go for Dobson as the deepest midfielder with Morris and Ronan ahead of him. Sloppies are lacking confidence and will happily take a point so think they’ll show limited attacking intent and stick 10 men behind the ball. With that midfield and Cook, Ismail and Ferrier ahead I’d like to think the team could get on the frontfoot a bit more in a home game.

Just don’t give away a penalty after 5 minutes…

4-0 and nothing less. Batter the sheepbumming morons.

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Many apologies - we’ve just this minute (8.40am Tuesday) got in from Croatia, having been marooned on the M25 car park for hours… the flight touched down at just after midnight, but Passport Control (HA!!!) and baggage handling (HA HA!!!) at Luton airport was just the overture to the M25 fiasco :roll_eyes:

Never mind - onwards and upwards, normal service should be resumed tonight with 3 points traditionally harvested from the Sloppies. :wink:


If ever there was a game for Cookie, this is it.


Hope Keates shuffles the pack tonight.

Morris in for Ginnelly, Ronan/Kinsella for Osbourne and Cook for Gordon.

I haven’t been keen on Osbourne’s return but I really think this is a game for him. He’s big and strong and imposing in the middle, question would be his fitness.

I’d like to see 4-2-3-1. I’m a big Ferrier fan but I’d like to see Cook start this one and Ronan in for Gordon. Ginnelly hasn’t had much impact for a while now so I’d go for Morris who didn’t do a lot wrong before being dropped.

Agree with you regarding Osbourne, I just don’t think he’s fit enough to play Sat/Tues.

Would be interesting to see how 4-2-3-1 would work at home, though. Would be keen to see Cook as a lone striker if we got more crosses past the first man!

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Not from the UTS Facebook page…



You’ve lost a fair bit of hair since I last saw you Exy x

I can only assume it’s the wear.

Welcome back!

Can you let Bob know if you want a lift to Bristol on Saturday. I’m gooin :smile:

Bugger Bob, sorry Bognor

Will tonight’s game be live on ifollow? Was thinking of watching it on there if it is, as can’t make it in person.

Only if you’re abroad I think @Superdon

As it’s Tuesday night game think it is on Ifollow, i’ve been allowed to pay ten pounds and have the pre-match screen showing now. Looking forward to it!!