Shrewsbury Town (H), Oct 2nd 7.45PM


Full time, and a clean sheet. We can’t score though…


Is it over? Was it painful?


If Accy can beat Doncaster then our defeat was not that bad, but tonight has been shocking. Little wonder less than 4K home fans turned up, a real goalfest to get the fans through the turnstiles!


An entertaining 0-0.


After watching that i think you are right, we over enthused at the start of the season and now reality is setting in


Did you watch it AM?


Now haven’t we heard that before as Walsall fans, or is it our imagination?


Go away you silly little boy!



Been on the pop? Genuine question. I watched a very entertaining game.


Wonder how long it will be until the “clean sheet” brigade come out! Why Ginnelly is still starting is beyond me! But still not enough decent fall back options on the bench/or in the squad to be honest!


Our finishing is not good enough at all. Ginnelly, Ferrier and Ismail should have scored. Thats not including saves and blocks.
Why we dont make changes sooner is besides me. Cook offered nothing and any game ive seen him in hes not been good enough. Im not being sceptical or anything but i dont feel like he is a league standard striker. But then again our deliveries into the box arent good enough anyway and when they are we miss xD


That was quite frustrating. Shrewsbury could have easily stolen it with their chances, I feel like we could play for another 90 and still not score.
Anyway, here’s hoping we put it right soon! 3 away league games now…


Il take that as a “no” then . Just your usual ■■■■ when we don’t win 4-0.


He’s an average League 1 striker. He doesn’t win everything like people seem to think (he hasn’t all season). He probably wins 30% of his balls and doesn’t do much with it.

Keates should have took Cook off.


I’m by no means blaming cook for us not scoring by the way. He didn’t have a chance. Ferrier’s header was a shocking miss. Thought Devlin and Leahy played well.


Stick by what I said before the game, would have liked to have seen a change in shape and Ronan incorporated.

Osbourne was useless, although he did provide the single funniest moment in a football stadium I’ve seen for some time.

That said we could have been 2 up at half time and Dobbo and Gino should have scored second half.

Also anybody who thinks the problem is Nicky Devlin in this team, or Luke Leahy who played the best pass of the game by a mile, pull the other one.


Agree with you. The game was calling out for a proper litle playmaker to sit behind Ferrier. Ronan would have been perfect.

Devlin and Leahy played really well.


Exactly. A bit of skill or guile.

We don’t lack in effort, they all work hard. But we completely rely on Ismail for any technical ability (other than Dobbo pinging passes). It’s a bit naive to think we can just our muscle or work anybody.


Absolutely baffled as to why Morris and Gordon were left getting splinters.

P.s Hope Osbourne is ok but glad he may miss afew games now as we have been carrying him for the majority of games.


Ismail for Morris second half all day. I thought Gino did well on the other wing but after the first half Ismail had no joy.