Shrewsbury Town (H), Oct 2nd 7.45PM


start of the season we attacked when on the counter with blistering pace, now we wait for opponents to get back, what’s changed ???
Midfield pairing of Dobson and Osbourne means we lack creativity, I for one would play Zeli in the number 10 role, I recollect him playing for Bury there last year at our place and played well, we have got to try something to give us that bit of spark in the final third.


I think we all want Cookie to be our main man and a fans favourite someone to idolise… hope I am wrong but what I have seen of him in the last 4 home games tells me he is maybe playing in a league where that is a step up to far . Righty said the service into the box has been shocking at times . I could excuse his lack of speed and sharpness if he was winning 75% of his headers but he is winning very little and you can see the confidence draining from him sadly.:disappointed:


Some good comments so far but we didn’t win because we didn’t convert some very good chances…it is as simple as that. If that doesn’t change our good start will be a distant memory. Although that is the main concern we do lack guile in midfield and a calmness on the ball at times. I would bring in both Kinsella and Ronan for Saturday and tweak the system accordingly although so far the team and formation has done really well away from home.


I wanted Cook to be that big bastard target man for us and his first couple of outings looked promising. He was probably playing on adrenaline at that point, and against defenders who were still getting up to match sharpness, and so since then I’ve not seen anything to suggest he’s league one level.

Ferrier does the running for two at times as Cook is so immobile, and I worry it will take something away from his game. I said to my mate after the game, if you sign two from non league, chances are that only one will be quality and I think (hope I’m wrong) that’s the case.

Also think injuries have caught up with Osbourne. Two players in the team who struggle to run, in key positions.




Saying that, should have won comfortably


Was nice to have 800 fairly vocal sloppies there and have a bit of banter! Its very rare with them, especially when they are struggling. Gutted with the home turnout, we have always struggled on midweeks for some reason but that was shocking.

Just frustrating overall. Too many missed chanced - a general lack of composure in the area, the same as Saturday. It all seems rushed. Why Osbourne wasn’t taken off is beyond me. I havent seen anyone who thought any different either at the game or on here.


When we play 4-4-2, as we do at home, central midfield is the issue for me.

Personally I think Dobson is carrying Osbourne at the moment. GD’s effectiveness early on in the season was in breaking up play and driving us forward, now he’s sitting ten yards deeper and being forced to play more difficult, riskier passes.

With Dobson deeper we’ve lost the intensity of our pressing game and stopped winning the second ball. Ultimately this makes us less capable as a counter attacking team and also invites the opposition to come at us - so we’ve become more open and vulnerable.

It seems to work better in a five man midfield away from home, but I’d like to see Kinsella playing deep behind Dobbo when we next play at Bescot.

Wingers who can cross beyond the first man would be nice, also.


Been to the game and we should have collected 3 points, the sloppies are awful! But for me the blame lies with Keates he should have changed things early 2nd half and didn’t, Osbourne always looks tired and jaded and probably would have stayed on if he hadn’t got flattened by the ball in the face! Cook offers nothing! I thought he started the season well and I liked his attitude, but for me he looks a conference player and should have been substituted early second half, think Deano needs to wobble his head and make changes sooner rather than later, I was so frustrated that he didn’t, so for me didn’t do enough to affect the outcome of the game.


You must be unique, I didn’t see anyone laughing at the sight of one of our players knocked unconscious, given oxygen and then being carried from the pitch on a stretcher.


I’ve been to and have to agree with a lot of the comments above.

Cooke was really poor - lack of movement shocking and sub have been subbed early second half when clearly blowing - I must say though if your going to start him then you must put decent balls into the box.
Both gingerly and Zell are guilty of really poor crossing nd decision making - especially Ismail who needs to move the ball quicker and stop trying to beat the same player 3 times !!

Finishing is poor, home form is useless and goal scoring non existent - lack of quality across the pitch and I think Dean needs to change things earlier

I’m getting frustrated!


I think we need to delve into the loan market. when can we ? i was reading a post from a poster that said that simeon jackson would have been the perfect professional to bring ferrier and cooke on, who knows? but maybe a more seasoned forward would help?


50/50 with Cook. Yes he is limited in his mobility and running, but he does link up well if and when we play to his strengths. Think he can only really be judged when he’s missing chances, and we’re not really making any for him.


January 1st.


Where is this link up play? He doesn’t win that many headers and he’s poor with the ball at his feet. I honestly don’t see what people are seeing! I think he’s a good finisher but outside the box he’s ■■■■ poor. The delivery into the box is poor for him so I won’t blame him for missing chances, but all other parts of his game have to improve.


I think he’s cleverer playing with his back to goal than he gets credit for. All subjective though, I felt Fitzwater had a bad game tonight but I’ve seen people slagging Leahy?!


I don’t disagree with your point however he would be helped if referees gave the fouls he draws. Tonight in the second half there were at least 3 occasions when the defender was either pulling him over or pulling his shirt which went unpunished. You could see the frustration on his face…we have had a bad run with referees recently and although tonights was not the worse by a long way he did tend not to get involved when the pushing and shoving was going on.


See my comment on the full backs thread!!!


I think we’re carrying Cook!
He’s offering very little.
You can count on 2 hands the amount of times he’s touched the ball in the last 2.5 home games.
Forget his lack of mobility, Brett angel and Rambo weren’t mobile but they didn’t find themselves stood behind defenders each time the ball is crossed into the box!


If he wasn’t fine we’d have heard of it by now. Bloody hell, lighten up. He’s even tweeted about it.