Shrewsbury Town (H), Oct 2nd 7.45PM


Get the feeling Keates is one of those ‘what we have we hold’ managers, so if a game is in the balance after 75-80 minutes he’s not going to make attacking changes unless we really need the win.


I think that’s not entirely fair to be honest.

I completely agree changes looked like they needed to be made on Tuesday but he wasn’t afraid to make changes against Doncaster at 1-1. He changed too much there, went way too attacking and look what happened. I think on the whole he’s been decent with his changes and much much better than Whitney, who made some truly baffling substitutions.


Fair point and there is no doubting Keates is a major upgrade on Whitney. Do feel we have a far more capable bench than we did last season though, so it would be nice to see that utilised more readily if the game isn’t going our way. For example I felt Morris could have made a difference on Tuesday, perhaps in place of Zeli.


Yeah it did seem a bit strange. Morris for sure deserved at least some game time.


Also Gordon for Cook. Think he’d have gave us the spark we were looking for up top.


This is kind of what I mean. Does DK keep Cook on in the latter stages of tight games because he’s a greater asset when we’re defending set-pieces etc?


To be honest I never felt we were under that much pressure and Gordon would have stretched the game better. Think both relieve pressure in different ways but Gordon would have been more effective for the last 20 minutes. All hypothetical though.


Agree, Gordon for the last 20 minutes gives us a completely different dimension.


Think today’s events at Bristol underline the bamboozlement at the intertia from the bench in this game.