Shrewsbury Town (H), Oct 2nd 7.45PM


Thought Cook was poor throughout - as someone else pointed out, compare his performance to that of their no20. Also, Osborne was way off the pace - on a slick pitch the speed the game was played at was way too quick for him - he’ll be better in the winter months when the pitches get heavy and play slows down.


MOM at Oxford…just saying


This whole period of play was down to the inept referee.

Firstly he stopped play for an non-head injury, when he shouldn’t have, then he restarted the game in the centre-circle, despite us being in possession deep inside their half when he decided to stop play, then the muppet Grant tried to hit the ball in to the corner instead of rolling it to the keeper - hitting Osborne in the face.


I’d give the ref 6/10. Which possibly makes him the best ref we’ve had at home this season.

Rubbish but not as rubbish as the others. He can put that on his CV.


Positions, lineup, formations, Osbourne etc, at the end of the day if we had put just 1 of 4 or 5 very presentable chances away there would be very little moaning and debating.

On Blue & Amber they all accept it should have been comfortably a home win, on Saturday the Stanley fans agreed it should have been a draw. It all points to lack of composure in front of goal.


Don’t think anybody said he alone was guilty of missing chances? Just didn’t understand why he was getting significant praise for running on to a through ball, would be more of an expectation for me and praise Dobson for the ball but each to their own.


Yes, lack of composure in front of goal was the main reason we didn’t win last night.


Because that’s threatening wing play last time I checked, making intelligent runs that give the option for the ball in the first place. Something I didn’t see from Ismail all second half.

No they didn’t but we were discussing which should have been dropped for Morris. If your point wasn’t that it should have been Ginnelly because he missed an easy chance then I’m not sure of the relevance of bringing that up?

and while we are playing the “who said …” game, who said Dobson deserves no praise for picking the pass? Are you allowed to only praise one player per move? Each to their own indeed. It’s an expectation for him to do that too, as it is for Ginnelly, but you can still praise a player when it comes off.


It was a bit of a mixed performance, but not terrible, and for the second time in four days the oppo keeper made some very good saves, and we finished poorly.

One problem is all our forwards are young and trying to learn without an old head up front to help them. The most experienced player in the team last night (Osbourne) had a very poor game.

In 12 months time all the Whitney contracts will have dissolved and Keates can have shaped the team to his own desires (within Jeefs budget of course), and hopefully we will be better - and we are already better than a year ago, or two years ago.

With the squad available, I’m not sure there is a quick fix. Just keep plugging away, don’t panic, work hard, blah blah blah.


I agree. How can someone getting concussion in an entirely avoidable situation funny?



Yeah people getting one in the kisser is never funny.


I don’t think there is anything to panic about (yet). We seem to be going through a spell where things aren’t coming off and it’s starting to affect the players confidence and belief. I’m sure things will improve at some point in the not too distant future.

We do seem to have lost a bit of energy and desire in our performances though. Get that bit of urgency back and I’m sure we’ll be okay.

As an aside, somebody mentioned that the Accie Stanley keeper’s top was too close to the colour of the rest of the team. I though exactly the same last night (or is my eyesight failing faster than I thought?).


You’re right about the keepers tops, how is it difficult to wear a shirt that is totally different to those worn by the 20 outfield players? I don’t think it can be that difficult because keepers did it for a hundred years or more without a problem.


Comedy value is always improved by a Martin O’Connor style stretcher mishap.


I think that we just missed support from midfield all over the pitch. Dobson did really well but he couldn’t be everywhere.

When the sloppies threatened a lot of the time they doubled up on devlin and leahy or tripled up when the wingers came back. Osbourne for me was missing in defence time and time again. He struggled to give any width and no drive going forward.

Ferrier needs a third eye to show him he has more time and space or other options then he would be much improved.

Cook is struggling with the pace and physicality of the game. I thought he tried to play the man much more than the ball last night and if he could get this and his positioning right we’d be scoring more goals.

Leahy still makes me anxious but devlin is improving.

Just needed a shot to go in last night and probably would have seen a few more…


I would agree that Zeli (or possibly Ronan) should play in the 10 role, bringing in Morris on the flank.


I can’t wait for Joe Edwards to return, I think he’s going to perfect in midfield next to Dobson. Edwards is a bit of a jack of all trades where he can pick a pass, go on a run, or sit in and play destroyer - which will free up Dobson’s game to where he doesn’t have to carry Osbourne with him every game.

I like Osbourne but he’s been really poor in both the past two home games, yesterday it looked like he was playing in clogs his touch and movement was so poor and slow. He’s still a good player just his home form has been bizarrely poor.

I actually would have given MOTM to Leahy which makes me surprised he has been thought of having a poor game, felt he was fantastic going forwards bar the one time in the first half where Sean Whalley skinned him. He played a half volley 50 yard switch from his own half at one point, put in a corner that needed any kind of touch or gust of wind to go in, and almost won it from a set piece that he threw himself at so hard he hurt himself by clattering into the advertisement hoarding. A lot has been said about his trademark 30 yard punt down the line but when it comes off it sends Ginnelly or Ferrier into the channel, and when it doesn’t it advances us 10 yards up the pitch with more time to get into our shape and press them into a corner as they can’t do much with the ball in that area of the pitch to hurt us.

Ginnelly was good in everything but his final ball/finish, which ultimately and it is harshly, cost us the 3 points. One moment of clinical ice in his veins from one of the 4 good chances he had and we win.


What are our forward coaches doing?!!


You’re not allowed to praise Leahy. He and Devlin are abysmal. I mean, even though they’ve been the most improved players in the squad this season it means nothing. Every goal conceded is their fault don’t you know. Don’t watch the conceded goals back though, just accept I’m right. If you disagree you’re a troll.



Thinking back I’m a little concerned as to why DK didn’t change things up, Cooke was struggling, Zeli too (never beat his man or put in a decent cross) Osborne also should have come off before taking one in the kisser.

I thought we were crying out for a change ???