Simkin Signs

Season long loan from Stoke


:clap: Quality signing.

Love that smile.

Think he’s going to be a big heart throb amongst the female and gay Saddlers support.


Good luck

As I mentioned on the 8th June. I knew it was going to happen and I really believe this is a very good signing!


England u20 international so similar to Rushworth in that respect who for me has been our best keeper since we dropped to league two. Welcome Tommy.

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Very good pedigree but very very young for a keeper
Looks like an excellent loan signing with our stoke links coming strong again ! Very good play by Walsall with the link with stoke doing is good
Need an experienced keeper Aswell both to challenge him or take over if he isn’t quite ready for league 2/ loses confidence
Good luck lad


Lad looks a decent option.

Guess we don’t know if he’s an option to recall?

He is genuinely buzzing to have signed for the club, exactly the kind of players we want on board! All the best Tommy


Looks like a good signing but I would also like an experienced keeper too. Loss of form ,injury can always happen. Barrett I think is to inexperienced to be the only other keeper.

I think there usually is an option to recall in January.

However Stoke will more than likely only use that option if they have an injury crisis amongst their keepers, they wish to sell him (unlikely if they think he is a long term prospect for their first team) or the loan is proving unsatisfactory for the player (he isn’t getting games).

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I imagine that if we agree with Stoke that he will be our number one, then they would have to agree that he stays for the whole season, otherwise we need to sign another keeper capable of being number one, should he be recalled.
I think that was the case with Rushworth, which is why Rose got peel off.


Don’t know a lot about him but I wish him all the best. Hopefully he’ll be as decent as Carl rushworth

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Not someone I was aware of until his name started popping up on UTS . Seems a decent prospect but not sure if he’s ready to be a number one just yet. That said good luck to him and like everyone playing for the saddlers I’ll support him.

Looks a fantastic signing, really like the fact he is local and has family who are fans. That will be a big plus for us. England international and great pedigree at Stoke with previous league experience.

Looking forward to seeing him play. Up the Simkin!


Potential to be the best keeper in L2, it’s a fantastic signing and coup for the club.

You cheeky boy :joy:

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6 month loan then :+1:t2::joy:

One question how did he slip through our net in the first place?

We have a net.


Born in Walsall. Welcome Tommy.

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