Six nil to the Saddlers, six nil to the Saddlers!

How would you know? My 5 year old son is jacked!

It was great to see some of the team/squad that we have all desperately wanted to see out there (with the exception of Hardy who will never get game time under DC it would appear) do so well with a 6-0 right 'ammerin of a poor reserve side.
But it does prove that these lads ARE capable of scoring goals, despite DC trying desperately to coach such nonsense out of their minds.
But not to worry, when Saturday comes Adebayo will be there again missing sitters whilst our erstwhile more elderly and incapable, static defenders will be on show again. Clarke has coaching badges you know…you can’t have young energetic kids getting into your side…just because they scored 6 goals…no siree…

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Most blokes would let a 5 year old win to be honest.

Anyway, I will take last nights for what it’s worth and look forward to Saturday. UTS.

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Should get Gordon a start at the weekend.

Front 4 must be him, Hardy, McDonald and Lavery. Not sure CL is a lone forward but he can actually score so seems far too common sense a suggestion for this season for DC.

If Holden still starts ahead of any of them then there probably is something in that rumour I saw that Bristol put some financial penalties in the loan agreement if he dosen’t start.

I think lots of people, including me have been a critical of Holden (albeit some a bit tongue in cheek), the lad isn’t a winger, he couldn’t wing himself out of wet paper bag in the conventional sense, however he does have an impressive assist record, and maybe given the “roaming role” he apparently had last night could be useful going forward (in time that is). He does deliver a decent dead ball also. If he can be at least look like something above the level of a heavily hung over Quentin Crisp when the ball is there to be won then that would also help.


:roll_eyes: obviously it was a hypothetical.

So will I, nowt.

Holden appeared to be involved in every goal last night, some very directly.

At home with El Nombre.



You can only beat what’s infront of you, clearly they played with something to prove, which is the key here. Don’t matter who your playing you don’t score 6 if your not up for it


I was at Macclesfield for the 7-0 win(and have the VHS video—those were the days!). We were crap that day, believe it or not. seven shots seven goals.

Well it WAS sad that the moaners weren’t there. They have suffered all season like the rest of us and would have enjoyed the night. That was the context in which it was put. Another £10K in the coffers—it all helps.

We also had a man sent off. Apologies for being an optimist but its another £10k and a step nearer Wembley. My God you can’t say things like that, we have to stay permanently mired in misery don’t we! Wait for the Whingers to get their teeth into that! Come on, in such desperate times lets have some gallows humour at the very least!


Well I’m pleased for Flash.
I genuinely like him, and he needs the confidence.
I have seen him play better and a better standard of football, and he is one of the few who seems to care.
Hope this kick starts his season.


If you can’t have ‘moaners’ when your are sat 22nd in the entire football league after years and years of mismanagement while the ex chairman actioned his exit strategy to the detriment of the whole club - when can you?

I’m hardly the most negative on here but I can understand why people are fed up!


Indeed, that result meant a lot to us and the players.
However, if we balls it up against Cambridge with a bumper crowd it will mean nothing again.
We could be bottom of the EFL by 5pm on Saturday and the crowds will plummet.

Yay for 10K. Happy?

Just to recap on a comment earlier with an example – You can only play the team what’s in front of you and do it well!

Walsall FC didn’t ask the opposition to play half it’s bench players, even though they are on top of EFL League 2 and decided to rest a few of its main players for the weekend.

When our National Team play a team outside the top 10 countries, we are expected to win and win big. Losing is not an option because the media, critics and fans would crucify the players. The Walsall media, critics and fans are no different and expect good results and performances for every game. We all pay good money at the gate to have nothing less than good value for our hard earning cash.

So let’s take a good result and use it wisely to improve our performances and hope after this game turns good fortune to our Walsall team.

Will anyone complain if every other team we play in the competition does likewise and we possibly end up with some silverware?

Winning this competition will be no more prestigious than winning the Walsall Senior Cup.