Skinning of bescot bar

Ref joint project with Walsall football club
( the skinning of the revamped bescot bar )

It gives us great pleasure that the independent saddlers supporters association, will be working in conjunction with Walsall football club on a major project

We have been given the opportunity to be the ones. Who sponsor the artwork. In the new bescot bar once built, this will involve working alongside the club. To decide. Which players. (Ten in total ) and three. managers. Should be featured in the vinyl artwork. Skinning the walls,

The cost of doing this. Is 5k and Issa are proud to be. Saying we will be putting every effort into. Trying to raise. This amount required. If at all possible which. We think is achievable, a lot of hard work obviously. But achievable all the same

We consider it an honour. To have been even considered. To play a part, in such an exciting project, But as always we put both Issa members and every fan of Walsall. FC first and foremost in our thought process , and we to want you the fans to play a part.

If the funds can be got, we would then want you the fans to play a part, because it’s you guys who will be in there on match days using the facilities,

Of the ten players. The two Issa would insist on being featured. Are
Our own Issa president. Stan Bennett. And Alan Buckley,
A poll would then be put to you the fans. To pick another three greats. From our fellows park days

From our bescot years Issa would. Pick Jimmy walker and. Jorge letaio And again a poll would be conducted. For you the fans to nominate. Who you would like the other three to be

As for managers it has to be sir Ray. And Chris Nicholl from an Issa prospective. And again you the fans. Will decide the third

In conjunction with club this will be a fantastic project to work on, and. You the fans will have an input, The artwork will be in the shape of skinning the bescot bar walls , as has recently been done in the players tunnel and changing rooms area

This project will be done in the correct and proper way ,and that will be. By ensuring. The club, Issa and you the fans. Have a valid input into it

We have also invited our Friends. From both the Walsall FC dsa, and Walsall supporters for change to play a part in this, and we are hopeful of. Welcoming both aboard should they want to be part of it

As said. It’s an honour for us to be involved. So now it’s the hard part of raising the cash You will all be hearing from me soon lol

I would point out club have not. Come to Issa with a begging bowl.
This is the result of talks between Issa and club, On ideas as how we as fans can help club, with financial aid during these uncertain times. And we both feel that if we can bring this to fruition it will not only help our beloved club, but you the fans will be playing a part in designing the very environment you will hopefully be enjoying many happy times in

I hope this gets the backing of you the fans. And your thoughts. Be them positive or negative would very much be welcomed , as said you are always at the forefront of everything Issa does


Sounds great to me…well done. As an oldie I would hope you can find space for Colin Taylor and Tony Richards…the most prolific duo in our history. Their Manager Bill Moore would also feature for me.


Buckley and sir ray


It would for me be a toss up between Dean Smith and Dickie Dosh being the other manager to accompany Sir Ray and Chris .

The third manager has to be Bill Moore I would think. Consecutive promotions gets him my vote even though I’m too young to remember it.

Gil Alsop has to be in there as well I would have thought.

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The photo of Tom Bradshaw being carried from the pitch after the Preston JPT is a classic from modern times that could be considered…


Be great if we could find room for David Preece

Bill Moore, The Buck and Sir Ray as the managers.

Then Walker, Harrison, Allsop, Mower, Richards, Colin Taylor, Hart, Naughton, O’Connor, Keates, Adam Chambers,

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Good list…I would replace Naughton with Preece but all the others would be amongst my favourites.

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I think it is to hard to pick which players? i would go with certain squad pics, like the whole 83-84 league cup squad, and the 97-98 squad the 98-99 squad etc etc?

Great work.

The only thing I would add is that I think you should lean towards players and managers from the modern era. Not because of any disrespect to players and managers from the 80s, 70s and 60s, etc, but just because if you are adorning walls with expensive graphics, you’d be better off using high quality photos IMO, which you’d struggle to find from the 80s and further back.

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Manager: Dean Smith

Fellows Park Players: Kenny Mower, Colin Harrison, David Preece

Bescot Players: Andy Butler, Adam Chambers, Tom Bradshaw

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Disagree completely.
I think black and white grainy photos add something that modern high quality photos struggle to capture.

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One of my favourite football photos from the 60s - not too grainy.


And the ultimate example is Cassius Clay standing over Sonny Liston screaming for him to get up.
Iv`e seen this with colour added and not a patch on the black and white.

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There are some fantastic black and white pictures from that fight.

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Has to include the Rammell scoring against the Wolves pic. Just his back, number 9, arm raised and every other face a dingle in distress. Great pic, can’t find on tinternet but have it framed.


That picture was back page of the E&S with the headline ‘Saddlers Rule’.

Manager - Dean Smith

Fellows park - Bernie Wright! Colin Harrison and Mick Kearns

Bescot - Andy rammell, Romaine Sawyers, Adrian Viveash

The picture all Saddlers love and the one the Dingles hate in equal measure.